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The number of crops that recognize the effectiveness of our sensors is increasing and this time we come to CBD cannabis. We are also pleased to expand the range of facilities to Galicia, specifically to Pontevedra. We already know that Galicia is rainy but greenhouse crops need control in any type of climate.

What is cannabis CBD?

Cannabis is an annual herbaceous plant that has the characteristic of having cannabinoid compounds or organic substance with narcotic effects of two possible types:

  • THC or tetrahydrocannabinol with a psychoactive effect or alterations on the central nervous system. Some possible effect may be to mitigate the pain.
  • CBD or cannabidiol non-psychoactive and which forms 40% of the plant substance. It has a high therapeutic power.

Hemp is low in THC and is grown for textile or paper, food or medicinal use.

CBD combined with THC achieves analgesic or anti-cancer properties.

Recent studies of the medicinal applications of cannabis CBD mean that the number of intensive plantations is increasing in our country.

Cultivation with irrigation controlled by probes

CBD cannabis oil
CBD cannabis oil

The best proposal for growing CBD cannabis is in a greenhouse, where we can control with sensors and probes all the factors that influence its production.

  • Humidity from planting to harvest. It is a plant that needs humidity especially at the beginning, but it does not support waterlogging. They would cause their roots to deteriorate and not absorb the necessary minerals.
  • Hours of light that we can measure with the Meteo station.
  • Temperature of subsoil that indicates the health of the root system.
  • Outside temperature que favorece el crecimiento sin que les afecte ninguna plaga. También permite programar más de un cosecha al año.
  • Conductivity to avoid the accumulation of salts that damage its growth.
Riego del cannabis CBD
Irrigation of cannabis CBD. 1-Humidity and temperature sensors at different depths. 2-Root system. 3-Wet bulb. 4-Accumulation of salts

Regulations for the cultivation of Cannabis CBD in Spain

Its cultivation is governed by European regulations EU 639 and 1308 of 2013 . The regulation is necessary because in Spain its cultivation has not stopped growing, given the multiple applications it has in cosmetics, pharmacy, food supplements ...

CBD oil is obtained from the flower and because it is natural it has very beneficial properties.

For its work, various factors must be taken into account:

  • Use certified seeds of varieties registered in the Common Catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species of the European Union, or of varieties that have a Provisional Marketing Authorization.
  • The crop can only be used to obtain fiber, grain or seeds .
  • The horticultural purpose of hemp, including its production in greenhouses, based on national regulations is not allowed. It can be used to fertilize the land for a new planting.
  • The “ buds ” are considered narcotic drugs, they cannot be stored and must be destroyed, except in the case of legal grain or seed production.
  • Products intended for cosmetic use are subject to specific regulation, which is the responsibility of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products of the Ministry of Health.
  • The food use , only those foods derived exclusively from hemp grains such as oil, hemp protein and hemp flour, with a THC content not exceeding 0.2%.

The producer must contact the authorities of the autonomous community or the municipality of the municipality where the planting is to be carried out to verify if any authorization is required, as well as communicate the activity to the police or drug control authorities.



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