Green Biotechnology in Precision Agriculture-Cell Theory

Science revolutionizes agricultural practices and green biotechnology in agriculture is a true innovation.

What is biotechnology in agriculture?

Biotechnology is the set of techniques that we apply to the entire study of living organisms or substances derived from them and biological systems in general. It is not the same as genetic engineering that studies the manipulation of genes.

According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy)

  • Biotechnology is the use of living cells to obtain and improve useful products such as food or medicine.
  • Transgenic is a living organism whose genome has been modified by adding exogenous (external) genes to achieve new properties. The plant in this form shows properties that it did not have before.
  • Exogenous DNA can be put into the genome through an artificial process done in the laboratory.
Green Biotechnology-Transgenics in Spain
Green Biotechnology-Transgenics in Spain

The modern cell theory and the theory of cellular totipotency or maximum power, so that the maximum development of the crop is achieved, is normally considered as green biotechnology.

Modern cell theory

The cell theory defines the cell as a biological unit, the smallest and which can be considered totipotent due to its ability to reproduce.

Biotecnología verde

All living things are made up of cellswhether they are eukaryotes, prokaryotes or archaea . Organisms can be unicellular or multicellular, being in the latter case, different types of organization of the basic unit that is the cell.

La unidad básica estructural y funcional es la célula. Por tanto, la unidad fisiológica y morfológica básica de todos los seres vivos es la célula. Todas las reacciones químicas que llevan a cabo las funciones vitales de los organismos, ocurren dentro de las células o en su entorno inmediato.

These chemical reactions and vital functions can be controlled by substances secreted by the cells themselves.

All vital functions are contained in a single cell: the cell is the functional unit and all cells have the same basic chemical composition.

Every cell comes from another cell, whether we study it from an evolutionary perspective or from a physiological or biological perspective. In the case of the evolutionary perspective, the exception would be the first cells that arose from chemical reactions.

Science and biology

Cell totipotency

reproducción celular

Totipotency is the ability of a cell to divide and produce other different cells. For example, in plants, the spores or reproductive cells are totipotent, and the zygote or egg, which is the cell resulting from uniting a male gamete (sperm) with a female one (oocyte) in the sexual reproduction of plants, fungi...

Green biotechnology in precision agriculture…

Precision agriculture has the challenge of applying green biotechnology to improve the bioeconomy.

  • Generate new varieties of plants that avoid fertilizers and adapt to the weather.
  • The study of fungi, bacteria, viruses and their possible applications to agriculture that minimize plant diseases.
  • Las modificaciones genéticas de plantas con el fin de mejorar las prácticas agrícolas.
  • Create living organisms to use as treatment for agricultural diseases.
  • Transform plants genetically to avoid the use of pesticides.
  • Apply precision agriculture technology, both from the soil and from the atmosphere.
  • Reuse the waste generated by intensive agriculture.
  • Move towards sustainable circular agriculture.
Cultivo de maíz transgénico
Green biotechnology applied to intensive corn

Plantae in agricultural technology

We must incorporate solar energy into technology. One of its applications is the one carried out by Plantae with the Hub/receptor that In addition to savings, it allows us to use the technology in places with many hectares, giving coverage to wireless sensors of humidity, temperature and conductivity.

Intensive crops need greater technological control, both for their edaphological needs and for the need for nutrients. Its control with probes controlled in real time from our platform is essential to achieve a circular economy.

Hub/receptor presentado en el Ágora
Hub/receiver in intensive vineyard with solar panel
Wireless hub in intensive almond tree-Bioeconomy
Wireless hub in intensive almond tree-Bioeconomy



Science and biology


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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital