Fruit Attraction 23-Second day of the best fruit and vegetable fair

After the incredible success of the first day of Fruit Attraction 23, we are waiting for you on the second day with a lot of new features.

Fruit Attraction 23 agenda for October 4

Fruit Next (Core 7-9)

10:00Technological transformation, digitalization, innovation and sustainability: 4 key investments promoted by public financing lines.
12:00BIOTECH ATTRACTION Conference: Research, innovation and entrepreneurship in
16:00Promotion campaign for the consumption of Artichoke Spain.

Fruit Next (Hall 5)

10:30hBuild loyalty among your farmers with Agrosales.
11:30hDigital warehouse and clothing management.
12:30hDigital transformation and connectivity between agricultural tools.
13:30New generation in controlled atmosphere chambers with max fresh.
15:30h7 Benefits of solar energy in the fruit sector.
16:30hAI at the service of a sustainable agricultural sector.

Fruit Next (Core 7-9)

Natural and sustainable coating to increase the shelf life of food & Genetic improvement of the almond tree, apricot tree and Japanese plum tree at the CEBAS-CSICC
11:30hDelivery of the Women-AGRO Stamps.
12:30hSustainability and prices of fruits and vegetables.
13:30hAgriculture 5.0. What intelligent robot teams can do for your farm & Prunus rootstock improvement in the EEAD & Pre-harvest strategies to improve the quality and shelf life of stone fruit.
14:30hThe success of pineapple in Cos
15:30hLettuce Attraction:What every good professional in the lettuce and salad sector should know to be successful.
17:30hPrecios Fairtrade: el camino a seguir hacia salarios e ingresos dignos.

Fruit Next (Hall 10)

10:30hOptimization of traditional nutrition to the use of prebiotics and probiotics.
11:30hEffective solutions to the loss of phytosanitary active materials.
12:30hWinning in the Age of the Consumer.
13:30hVivema Twin, living roots in living soil.
14:30hUNE Inputs and EU Fertilizers: Requirements for a global certification.
15:30hFood waste and circular economy in the fruit and vegetable sector.
Juanjo Heras delegado de ventas Levante, Aragón y Garden. Samuel López, ingeniero industrial y CEO de Plantae. Francisco Palma delegado de ventas Portugal. Juan Ortiz ingeniero agrónomo.
Juanjo Heras sales representative Levante, Aragón and Garden. Samuel López, CEO of Plantae. Francisco Palma sales representative Portugal. Juan Ortiz agronomist engineer.




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