Fruit Attraction 2023-Fruits and vegetables worldwide

Once again Plantae will be at the International Fruit and Vegetable Fair Fruit Attraction 2023, in Hall 5, stand 5G12A. It is organized by IFEMA and FEPEX in Madrid, from October 3 to 5, 2023. It is a fair that no one can miss if it is related to the fruit and vegetable sectors at a national and international level.

Fruit Attraction 2023 en Madrid

This fair, which was born 15 years ago, is the nerve center, worldwide, for the marketing of fresh products, fruit and vegetables, where "innovation, quality and diversity are key factors that influence operators and retailers of all sectors, all over the world, to plan their campaigns at the right time»

  • Export worldwide where all the sectors that drive the trade of fruits and vegetables interact.
  • Promote new and traditional products. 95% of visitors repeat each year.
  • Enjoy professional, unlimited and exclusive content.
  • Learn about networking with professionals in your sector throughout the year. «A new model of relationship and permanent contact between clients and suppliers from all over the world that enhances and reinforces the value proposition of the in-person experience»:
    • Contact management.
    • Networking.
    • Catalog of products and services
    • E-meetings.
    • Video-calls.
    • Sector content…

Objetivos de Fruit Attraction 2023 en Madrid

  • Promotes global distribution through the platform Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect
  • Innovación Hub: Halls 8 and 10 will present the latest market developments for the international fruit and vegetable industry:
    • Fresh produce.
    • Auxiliary industry.
    • Environmental and sustainability actions.
  • Chef de Factoría: pavilion 6 and 8 presents the “Factoría Chef” is a space for disseminating culinary opportunities, the quality, variety and versatility of fruit and vegetable products.
  • Fresh&Star's star product: Lettuce: we present specific activities to promote the opening of this fresh vegetable to the markets and development of promotional strategies for companies.

Fruit Attraction collects the variety of fruit and vegetable products brought from different parts of the world by the exhibiting companies.

  • Fresh fruits.
  • Fresh vegetables.
  • Aromatic herbs and spices.
  • Ranks IV and V.
  • Walnut cube.
  • Organic market.
  • Processed products (frozen, preserved, concentrated, dehydrated, etc.).
  • Organizations and associations Nurseries.

The fruit and vegetable sector meets at Fruit Appeal

Among the sectors of the Auxiliary Industry area we find:

  • Fertilizers, agronutrients, phytosanitary products.
  • Transport and logistics Smart Agro packaging and labeling (ICT applied to the fruit and vegetable sector).
  • Point of sale.
  • Ecological Market Services (consulting, certification companies, financial entities, ETTs, training, etc.).
  • Biotech attraction (research and technological development in plant genomics).

Fresh Food Logistics

It brings together all actors in the cold chain food chain:

  • Storage at origin, logistics and transportation to cold solutions for retail, last mile and e-commerce: Sectors Climate control solutions and conservation and storage facilities.
  • Air-conditioned, isothermal and refrigerated containers.
  • Fresh food processing, handling and packaging systems.
  • Service and logistics operators with cold supply chain for the food industry. Temperature control systems for cold chain transportation.
  • Refrigerated transport and cold chain equipment (Land, sea and air).
  • Short and long haul).
  • Cold and automation technologies.

Plantae once again at Fruit Attraction 2023

Our stand will offer one more year detailed information on: Sensors, flowmeters, weather stations with the novelty of the anemometer and App to control your agricultural operation in real time wherever you are, from your mobile or tablet.

Juanjo Heras delegado de ventas Levante, Aragón y Garden. Samuel López, ingeniero industrial y CEO de Plantae. Francisco Palma delegado de ventas Portugal. Juan Ortiz ingeniero agrónomo.
Juanjo Heras sales representative Levante, Aragón and Garden. Samuel López, CEO of Plantae. Francisco Palma sales representative Portugal. Juan Ortiz agronomist engineer.

Ofertas de Plantae a los visitantes de Fruit Attraction 2023 en Madrid:

  • We monitor your crop online in real time.
  • We install the number of agricultural sensors-probes, according to your needs, both for land and cultivation.
  • We customize the installation according to the characteristics of the terrain, the weather and the crop.
  • You access the app and website to have full control of your crop in real time.


Fruit Attraction


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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital