Finca La Pontezuela-Irrigation with sensors-Precision agriculture in the olive grove

We are in Toledo, exactly in «Los Navalmorales» installing humidity, conductivity and temperature sensors in the Farm « La Pontezuela «.

In this land of olive trees and oil mills, we find Finca La Pontezuela that stands out for the entire olive growing process and the production of its prestigious Premium quality extra virgin olive oils , the online distribution and all the professionalism that makes its oils winners of more than 30 national and international awards, highlighting in 2019 the third prize for the best extra virgin olive oil in the world .

Extra virgin olive oil from Finca La Pontezuela

Olivo centenario en finca la Pontezuela
Centennial olive tree with controlled irrigation

extra virgin olive oil is the purest of all oils and the most beneficial for health. Not all of them are of the highest quality. For this to be possible, the Finca La Pontezuela brand takes into account the following factors:

  • Optimize olive tree care.
  • The olives are harvested at their point of maturity.
  • It uses olives at their optimum point of acidity to make the oil.
  • The olives will be completely clean before pressing.
  • The exact point of crushing is obtained to later extract the oil.
  • The oil is separated from the pomace and the vegetable water.
  • Professionals of «oil tasting» assess its bitterness and the degree of itchiness in the throat.
  • They value its smell and taste.
  • Most tasters do not find any flaws.
  • Tasters find the oil fruity.
  • It is stored in stainless steel tanks.
  • The latest packaging with all quality controls.

Varieties of extra virgin olive oil from Finca La Pontezuela

The olive trees of Finca La Pontezuela offer Extra Virgin Olive oils of the following varieties:

  • Cornicabra: an oil protected designation of origin of the mountains of Toledo and that we find throughout the region. It offers an oil with a high content of polyphenols and highly appreciated in cooking.
  • Picual: for palates looking for an intense flavor due to its bitterness.
  • Arbequina: offers a much softer oil than the previous ones.
  • Hojiblanca: a very versatile and smooth oil.
  • Redondilla: with a fruity aroma and one of the most exclusive products offered by Fina La Portezuela.
  • Secret Blend Coupage: mixture of the previous varieties and marked personality.
  • Five elements oil with Montes de Toledo Protected Designation of Origin and the SIQEV seal of the international association QvExtra .
Hub en finca la Pontezuela
Hub in La Pontezuela farm with solar energy

Special characteristics of the olive trees of Finca La Pontezuela

Toledo is a land of olive trees. This town has been dedicated to the cultivation of olive groves since ancient times.

At the present time, "Finca La Portezuela" has olive trees of the cornicabra variety typical of the area and picual , ordered intensively and with careful care.

The undulating terrain and the weather with cold winters and hot summers make the quality of the olives exceptional.

In its desire to offer excellent quality in extra virgin olive oil, as shown by the many awards received, it is committed to new technologies and agriculture 4.0 . The oil mill has the latest technology and the oils go through a rigorous control by its expert tasters.

Oil production cycle at Finca La Pontezuela
Oil production cycle at Finca La Pontezuela

All its facilities can be visited with a guide, also including a tasting of its extraordinary oil.

Plantae sensors in olive trees

Plantae visits Finca la Pontezuela to make a study of the area and place humidity and temperature sensors at various points with the aim of:

  • Use precision agriculture to save water and energy.
  • Optimize resources by offering the olive grove the water it needs at all times.
  • Control the hydric stress of the olive grove especially in the summer, in order to avoid stomatal closure. Plant photosynthesis and the necessary balance for a top quality olive and optimum maturity are favored.
  • Avoid excess salinity because watering as necessary reduces evaporation and therefore the accumulation of salts. This makes the life of the olive tree much longer as well as positively influencing the absorption of its root system.
  • Check the temperature of the subsoil to assess the health of its roots.
  • All controls in real time and from your mobile, tablet or computer.

These technological advances combined with its modern oil mill will make the oils get more and more recognition worldwide !!

Finca la Pontezuela con sensores
Plant in La Pontezuela farm with sensors at two depths

Video of the farm and explanation of the entire process of making extra virgin olive oil.



La pontezuela


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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital