FIMA Agricula 2024-Agricultural technology in Zaragoza

Plantae once again travels to FIMA AGRiCULA 2024 in Zaragoza from February 13 to 17, with Stand B/1-5 in pavilion 1, shared with «agroecology lathes«, to provide information to all interested farmers.

Importance of FIMA AGRICULA 2024

FIMA 2024 es la Feria Internacional de Maquinaria Agrícola que ya celebra los 60 años de su existencia. Es una plataforma diversa, a nivel internacional, de máxima importancia para la exposición de la maquinaria agrícola de alta tecnología. Las empresas presentan las últimas novedades adaptadas a la agricultura 4.0.

Fair Objectives

  • Turn the venue into the «epicenter of transformation and progress for global agriculture, promoting innovation, technologyand sustainability«.
  • Showcase the "latest technologies and solutions that will lead the futureof agriculture."
  • Knowledge exchange between agricultural sectors.
  • Orient towards the future with the participation of young farmers and agro-influencers.
  • Encourage crops to be more profitable.
  • Evolution towards a more sustainable agriculture.
  • Encourage training and management of technological innovations.
  • It is a showcase of Mediterranean agriculture and its latest advances.
  • Also bring together all the protagonists of the agricultural world and related companies.
  • Contribute to circular agriculture and therefore to the circular economy.
FIMA Agricula 2024 - Plantae and Agroecology Stand Tornos
FIMA Agricula 2024 - Plantae and Agroecology Stand Tornos

Influence of agricultural technology on circular agriculture

We are in the era of artificial intelligence and therefore of precision agriculture or agrotechnology. At FIMA agricultural 2024 we can learn how Plantae controls the entire cultivation process with AI:

Meteo Station
  • We analyze meteorological and soil data to predict climatic conditions and optimize crop management. This includes irrigation scheduling, fertilizer application and disease prevention where Plantae has the best technology.
  • Cwe control irrigation systems efficiently by evaluating the water needs of crops in real time. Sensors and algorithms automatically adjust irrigation according to weather conditions, type cultivation and soil moisture.
Imágenes satelitales- ingeniería agrícola
  • The artificial intelligence used by Plantae, analyzes satellite images and evaluates crop needs, identifies areas affected by diseases or pests, and estimates yields. This allows for quick and accurate response to problems.

Additionally, with Artificial Intelligence you can have:

  • Machine learning algorithms that can predict the optimal time for harvesting, based on variables such as crop maturity. They can also optimize storage and distribution processes, reducing waste and losses.
  • Big Data Analysis: The collection and analysis of large agricultural data sets makes it possible to identify patterns and trends. This facilitates informed decision making to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Virtual assistants and agronomic advice: Platforms based on artificial intelligence offer personalized advice to farmers. These systems can answer questions, provide recommendations on agronomic practices, and assist in decision making.
  • Genetically modified crops: Artificial intelligence is also applied in the design of genetically modified crops to improve characteristics such as resistance to pests, tolerance to extreme weather conditions and efficiency in the use of resources.
  • Supply chain tracking: Artificial intelligence is used to track and optimize the agricultural supply chain, from production to distribution, ensuring the freshness and quality of products.

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