FIMA Agrícola 2022-Technology in agriculture in Zaragoza

One more year and saving the inconveniences of covid-19, Zaragoza celebrates its agricultural fair FIMA 2022 from April 26 to 30.

Importance of FIMA 2022

Fima 2022 is the International agricultural machinery fair that is already celebrating its 42nd edition. It is a platform of the utmost importance for the rise of high-tech agricultural machinery. Companies present the latest innovations adapted to agriculture 4.0.

Fair Objectives

  • Introduce farmers to the latest technological innovations for the modernization of processes.
  • Encourage crops to be more profitable.
  • Promote the sustainability of agriculture.
  • Improve training and manage technological innovations.
  • Showcase of Mediterranean agriculture.
  • Also to concentrate all the protagonists of the agricultural world.
  • Contribute to circular agriculture and therefore to the circular economy.

Influence of agricultural technology on circular agriculture

Caring for the environment is the main objective to take into account when presenting new technologies. When presenting the novelties in this fair Fima 2022 we can observe

  • Promote agricultural innovation.
  • Bringing the farmer digital recovery.
  • You favor ecological and sustainable development.
  • Help recycling with new technologies, favoring the circular economy.
  • Adapt machinery to favor the three keys to circular agriculture: reduce, recycle, reuse.
  • Protect the environment by avoiding pests and optimizing resources.
  • Increase the amount of product.
  • Better manage resources such as water, phytosanitary products and plant diseases.
  • Improve worker safety.

Plantae at Fima 2022

One more year we participate in this fair to present the latest Plantae news to farmers. We can present data and concrete results of water savings of 44%, with graphics accredited by our clients.

Also the improvement of the quality and quantity of product managed all through humidity, conductivity and temperature sensors.

In addition, the control of irrigation by the flowmeter and the ambient temperature controlled by the weather station.

Plantae stand at Fima 2022
Plantae stand at Fima 2022



Fima 2022

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