FIMA 2020, International Agricultural Machinery Fair in Zaragoza

FIMA 2020, International Agricultural Machinery Fair in Zaragoza , from 25 to 29 February.

This fair is recognized worldwide as one of the most important in southern Europe.

FIMA 2020 objectives

The main objectives of this FIMA 2020 fair are:

  • Present farmers with the latest technological developments in order to make farms more profitable and thus achieve better quality and profitability.
  • It is very important to pay special attention to Mediterranean agriculture .
  • Also to concentrate all the protagonists of the agricultural world.

Participating in FIMA 2020 are: farmers, cooperatives, importers, distributors, service companies, consultants, research and teaching centers, public administrations as well as irrigation and energy platforms.

Plantae stand at FIMA 2020
Plantae stand at FIMA 2020

News from FIMA 2020

After calling the «Technical News» contest in 2018, FIMA selects the award-winning novelties and others submitted to the contest from the «Innovation Gallery».

We highlight the most relevant.

In agricultural tractors.

  • They have built-in systems to reduce pollutant emissions from engines. Very important to reduce the carbon footprint of the agricultural sector.
  • Quick coupling systems to facilitate the farmer's work. Reduce assembly and disassembly times.
  • Tractors apply the braking regulations.
  • Low-power electric tractors are beginning to emerge.

Powered and self-propelled machines

  • Soil work and crop implantation. As a novelty, a weeder to extract weeds from crops.
  • High speed seeders.
  • Machinery for the distribution of agrochemicals (organic substances) and irrigation water. Distributors of phytosanitary products and sprayers.
  • Improvements in irrigation systems.
  • Flowmeters that control the irrigation flow offered by Plantae
  • Plantae sensors that control humidity, subsoil temperature and conductivity to optimize water and control salinity.
  • Collection equipment.

IT management and automation solutions

  • Internet of things control platforms: irrigation, humidity, subsoil temperature, ...
  • "Cloud" systems for data storage.
  • Automatic machine control programs.

Plantae at FIMA 2020

As usual in all the fairs of this year 2020 we are presenting our new products:

  • Subsoil temperature sensor: demanded by all sectors, horticulture, fruit and garden. The objective is to know the temperature at different depths as indicative of several factors: diseases, beginning of germination, etc.
  • Flowmeter : highly requested by our distributors and customers since 2018. Now it is on the market. The objective is to inform in real time of the irrigation applied, as well as deficiencies between the real irrigation and the one estimated by the farmer, technician or irrigator.
  • New agronomic algorithms: Plantae currently works in woody, horticultural, extensive crops, nurseries. Also in traditional, intensive, super intensive settings, greenhouses, outdoor crops and hydroponics.

 All this has been achieved thanks to new studies and calibrations in multiple types of soils, crops and clients.

For those who cannot attend the FIMA 2020 fair, here is a sample of the technology on display

Plantae-sensors / humidity probes
Plantae-sensors / humidity probes

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