Ferimel 2022 in Membrilla- Fair of the best melon of La Mancha

5th Regional Melon Fair of Membrilla, FERIMEL 2022, which will take place from 4 to August 6, 2022, presenting the best products of La Mancha.

Fair 2022 in Membrilla

Ferimel 2022 aims to promote the most important crop in La Mancha. The melon

Membrilla stands out in the production of melons, exceeding 80 million pieces per year. The most cultivated variety is the toad skin. The name is due to the appearance of its bark.

In addition to Menbrilla, the following stand out as the most important areas for growing melons within the community of Castilla La Mancha: Alcázar de San Juan, Arenales de San Gregorio, Argamasilla de Alba, Campo de Criptana, Daimiel, Herencia, Las Labores, Llanos del Caudillo , Manzanares, Puerto Lápice, Socuéllamos, Tomelloso, Valdepeñas and Villarta de San Juan. It is considered a protected region.

You can see that it is the entire western area of Ciudad Real. In the rest of the province and throughout Castilla la Mancha it is also grown, but in smaller quantities.

Ferimel 2022
Melons in La Mancha- Ferimel 2022

Melon cultivation

We have already dedicated an article to the melon varieties and their characteristics of their crops. Now we focus more on the area that the Ferimel 2022 fair represents.

  • The ground is prepared in autumn, between October and November.
  • In February their ridges are marked.
  • The plants are obtained from the nursery and the planting takes place between April and July.
  • During development, irrigation and fertilization are activated. Irrigation must be controlled to save water and energy and better development of the plant.
  • Conservation tasks are carried out, such as pruning and removal of excessive fruit, so that the melons are of a commercial size. and all have a balanced weight.
  • Harvesting is done from June to October.

Sensors in melon crop control

The climatic characteristics of the area make the melon exceptional. Night and day temperatures have a high contrast that influences the quality of the melon. The hours of sun make them the sweetest.

For its cultivation we need an aerated and well-drained soil. Puddles do not benefit it because they cause root suffocation.

Sensor-controlled irrigation is the best solution for vigorous plants and quality fruit. For quality and saving irrigation, it is preferable to install a sensor-controlled dripper.

Mulching is recommended to prevent evaporation since high temperatures would greatly increase the irrigation cycle. It also prevents the cooling of the soil at night and the growth of weeds.

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