Fruit Logistics 2020 Fair in Berlin, Germany

We will go to one of the most important fairs in the world Fruit Logística 2020 in Berlin from February 5 to 7.

3200 exhibitors participate in this fair, mainly fresh products, but also logistics and technical systems.

Fresh vegetables and greens

Vegetables are edible plants that are grown in orchards (Real Academia Española, 2001), that is, they are herbaceous horticultural plants, of which the parts of the vegetable that can be eaten are used.

Fresh fruits are the edible fruit of certain cultivated or wild plants.

Forms of agricultural production

In order to preserve the environment, optimizing quality and quantity, we can consider:

  • Organic farming , based on the optimal use of natural resources.
  • Sustainable agriculture , trying to guarantee food security worldwide while promoting a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Integrated production , practices compatible with the protection of the environment, with natural resources and genetic improvements.

The objective is to satisfy all sectors, mainly persevering quality, as we explain in the following diagram.

Fruit Logística 2020
Fruit Logística 2020

Fruit Logística 2020 Innovation Award

At this fair in Berlin there is an important competition that encourages creativity and the incessant search for new products in shapes and flavors, as well as new technologies applied to storage, transport, trade or production in general.

For the year 2020 there are 10 nominations, one will be the winner.

  • K30 a machine with a micro-computer that opens coconuts to enjoy coconut milk and pulp.
  • Vegetable container usable for compost. Ecological and respectful with the environment.
  • Basil seeds resistant to mildew, a devastating fungus that turns its leaves yellow.
  • Organic moss wool panels that can replace the rock wool currently used in hydroponic greenhouses. Also recyclable for compost.
  • Bands with interchangeable frames .
  • Biodegradable labeling for fresh products that decompose in 12 weeks.
  • A packaging for fruits and mushrooms, with or without a lid and biodegradable materials.
  • Chinese green cabbage and broccoli cross.
  • New variety of yoom tomato adapted to the greenhouse and to all seasons of the year.
  • Hybrid artichokes of purple color available 9 months a year.

Fruit Logística 2020 Award for Retail Excellence (FLARE)

International award to be awarded to innovative retail companies in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Three categories are considered:

  • Berries.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Product commercialization.

Plantae presents its new products at Fruit Logística 2020

We want to bring to this important fair our humidity, conductivity and ambient temperature sensors and also the new advances that we have this year 2020.

  • First an underground temperature sensor.
  • Second a flowmeter.
  • Also new agronomic algorithms.

Proof of this is the following image with sensors in fresh fruits and vegetables from Spain, Portugal and Algeria.

Proof of this is the following image with sensors in fresh fruits and vegetables from Spain, Portugal and Algeria.
Optimize irrigation water, the best with humidity sensors (probes)
Fruit Logística 2020
Fruit Logística 2020
Fruit Logística 2020
Stand de fruit Logística 2020


Berlin Fair


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