Níjar Fair, Expolevante-The best intensive horticulture

On April 18, 19 and 20, 2018, the agricultural fair of Níjar will be held at the Campohermoso Conference and Exhibition Center, Expolevante.

The Nijar fair is mainly dedicated to the intensive horticulture sector.


The Nijar fair tries to promote companies focused on " technologies and machinery that seek better efficiency and the latest advances in marketing "

According to the delegate of the Board of Almería, Gracia Fernández, it allows the farmer to have direct contact with new products and the opportunity to go to conferences.

Professional speakers will speak:

  •  First of all about the latest research news.
  •  Second on the development of the agricultural sector.

It is worth highlighting the great reception that Expolevante has had on the part of the seed sector since this year a total of 16 seed houses will attend to show the advances in research in this sector.

The fair will consist of three pavilions, two covered and one outdoors, a total of 16,000 m 2 between company exhibitors and agricultural machinery.

In short, it is a great opportunity to make yourself known or acquire new knowledge about this sector as broad as agriculture.


How could it be otherwise, Plantae will attend the event in which he will be accompanied by Fraimher Agro . Fraimher is a family business dedicated to the innovation of techniques and products that facilitate the work of farmers.

The purpose of the soil humidity and temperature sensors / probe makes it easy for the farmer to irrigate and care for the crops.

Nuestra meta es dar a conocer la alta tecnología inalámbrica que da información en tiempo real en el móvil o tablet.

The HUB / Receiver receive the data obtained with the wireless sensors and other weather devices. It has a range of 700 meters, and in turn they are transferred by GPRS to our web platform.

Hub / receiver for sensors / probes-Nijar Fair
Hub / receiver for sensors / probes-Nijar Fair

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