Montoro Olive Fair in Córdoba-We present Plantae Online

The Montoro Olive Fair is here and with it the most innovative products, techniques and machinery in the sector.

XIX edition of the olive tree fair

The XIX edition of the fair will be held from May 16 to 19, at the Olive Oil Complex of the Olivarero Community Heritage Foundation in Montoro (Córdoba) and will feature:

  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations.
  • Awards ceremonies related to the olive grove and olive oil.

Around 100 companies related to the agricultural sector from different cities, autonomous communities and even countries will attend the fair and it will be a perfect opportunity to learn about new technologies or methods designed for the benefit of the farmer.

Topics to be discussed in this olive tree fair

  • The main theme of this fair, which is the reconversion of the Spanish olive grove, will be discussed by Luis Rallo professor at the University of Córdoba.
  • Of its costs.
  • Finally, the management of water resources and olive varieties.

One of the novelties of this edition will be its internationality, since thanks to Extenda , A Andalusian Foreign Promotion Agency , will be attended by international operators whose objective will be directed first of all to the auxiliary olive grove industry and to put in contact importers, distributors and wholesalers and increase the business opportunities for Andalusian companies.

Plantae Online at the Montoro olive fair

In this edition, from our own Plantae space located at stand 2E, we will take the opportunity to present our new APP for mobiles where each client can access at any time the humidity data and the state of their farm.

Moisture chart to view on Plantae Online
Moisture chart to view on Plantae Online

Irrigation control by means of humidity sensors means that the farmer can have in his App the graphs of the different parameters that he wants to measure, subsoil temperature, humidity.

Also consult the climatic data of the area.

With the App the farmer is always connected to the crop. Travel is avoided and decisions can be made to control the crop.

The platform is available via web/app from PC, mobile or tablet. Therefore, you will always stay connected with your crop regardless of your location. You will be able to check the state of your field remotely without having to go.

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