Plantae at the Agricultural Machinery Fair in Úbeda

After a summer full of facilities in various crops and locations, we returned to commercial activity at the Úbeda Agricultural Machinery Fair , in Jaén, where we really wanted to attend due to the importance of the area for Plantae and the experience already obtained in the installation of sensors in Baeza, Linares or Úbeda itself.

Úbeda Agricultural Machinery Fair

Úbeda Agricultural Machinery Fair
Úbeda Agricultural Machinery Fair

This fair brings together various national and multinational companies with products related to the sector and a wide variety of leading brands within the Oil Extra Virgin variety Picual , which stands out for its high content of wind oil, favoring improving cholesterol. Some of these brands were:

The oil industry takes more and more care of quality and taste, the use of these specialties in the kitchen and the search for improvements in health. These types of fairs are key to promoting local tourism and spreading the culture of the extra virgin. For this reason, throughout the four days that it took place, different oil tastings, guided visits to nearby olive groves with Picual variety and visits to oil mills were carried out.


Plantae has been proud to share a stand throughout the fair with two of the most relevant partners:

  • Agrinos , with a national and international presence.
  • Agronos, a company linked to the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Granada.

This has also been an exceptional opportunity to reconnect with clients in the area, professionals in the oil sector and other technology companies interested in promoting our wireless products.

Úbeda Agricultural Machinery Fair
Ubeda Agricultural Machinery Fair. From left to right: owner of Agronós, managers of Agrinos Ibérica and the Plantae team

Proud to participate!

Feria agrícola de Úbeda

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