Agricultural machinery fair in Úbeda-2019

One more year we attended the Úbeda 2019 agricultural machinery fair , which is held from September 11 to 14.

Characteristics of the agricultural machinery fair in Úbeda

  • Trade fair specialized in agricultural machinery : the latest news covering all areas of agriculture are presented.
  • National and international brands participate.
  • Extra virgin olive oil tastings are carried out.
  • Prestigious chefs make dishes live.
  • Tastings are offered to attendees.
  • The Interpretation Center «Olivar y Aceite» has a prominent place. Non-profit association that wants to promote the star product of the province of Jaén . It offers a museum to visit, workshops, training rooms and a tasting club.

All this in 20,000 square meters. (Info + brochure of the fair)

Feria de Úbeda 2019
Agricultural machinery fair in Úbeda 2019

Agriculture in Úbeda

The Úbeda region has a Mediterranean climate that has adapted over time to multiple crops such as saffron, flax, silk, etc. Most of them disappear and the olive grove increases.

Today everything revolves around olive oil. The intensive and superintensive crops currently make it the region with the highest oil production in the world.

In June, an energy modernization agreement was signed for the irrigation of the Irrigation Community of the Vegas Altas del Guadalquivir . This will favor the irrigation areas of the new and existing plantations.

The industry is therefore leading in all phases:

  • The cultivation of the olive grove.
  • Harvesting the olive.
  • Production in oil mills.
  • Oleotourism.
  • The gastronomy.

The objective is to train, disseminate and bring the producer and consumer closer to all the advances.

Plantae at the agricultural machinery fair in Úbeda 2019

The main objectives of Plantae are:

Present our technology once again.

Make known the progress we have with respect to the previous year.

Explain how our product adapts to the olive grove and offer solutions to the problems found especially in the intensive and super-intensive olive grove, which are saving water, controlling conductivity and controlling salinity. All this without moving and controlled by mobile or tablet.

Collaborate with our Partner Agrinos.

Traditional plantations adapt well to the Mediterranean climate. In hot weather it also needs watering for the olive to grow normally. The new crops have more problems, because there are more plants per hectare. If they are not irrigated with the help of technology, they can suffer water stress and salinity problems, as we have already indicated in other articles.

The salts are necessary for the olive tree and it absorbs them well if irrigation is frequent and controlled. The problem is if the irrigation is abundant and distanced and due to the effect of evaporation they accumulate. This is why it is so important to measure the degree of humidity and conductivity.

An intensive plantation needs a much greater control so that the life of the olive tree is increased and the soil does not deteriorate due to accumulation of salts.

Olives with irrigation
Influence of irrigation on the development of the olive

Our national and international partner «Agrinos»

Our stand arouses the curiosity of many farmers in the area, specifically the olive grove. We have the collaboration of «Agrinos» our partner at a national and international level.

Agrinos is a company of Norwegian origin dedicated to biotechnology in agriculture.

The plant is subject to meteorological phenomena and to wear and tear on the ground. We must supply this in some way with microorganisms that increase the biological life of the soil. All this accompanied by a control of irrigation will make production increase in quantity and quality.

The necessary microorganisms are evaluated in the Innoagral laboratories, analyzing the soil and evaluating all the technical problems that arise.

The guarantees offered by Agrinos are:

  • Increase production and improve quality around 20% of the crop.
  • With the inoculants and regulators supplied to the plant, reduce the use of pesticides and fungicides while improving the efficiency of fertilizers and favoring the absorption of minerals.
  • Finally, the emission of polluting gases is avoided.
Feria de Úbeda
The Mayor of Úbeda, Mrs. Antonia Olivares Martínez, taking an interest in the Agrinos, Agronos and Plantae projects

Distributor in the Andalusia area «Agronos»

Agronos with extensive experience in the sale of fertilizers, phytosanitary products and other focused products to the olive grove and other crops.

Agronos is the Plantae distributor throughout the Úbeda, Baeza, Linares and surroundings. Everything in the province of Jaén, which is increasingly committed to innovation and new technologies.

Stand de Plantae en úbeda
Plantae stand in Úbeda

Collaborate at the stand explaining how the union of irrigation techniques with the help of fertilizers can increase production, save water and energy and improve the quality that in the long run is what satisfies the increasingly demanding consumer.


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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital