Fercam 2019 with the presence of Plantae-Instalaciones in Castilla la Mancha

We go once again to the National Country Fair, Fercam 2019 , which is held in Manzanares- Ciudad Real , from July 3 to 7.

For the first time after 58 editions, the Government of Spain participates with activities in the food sector. It does not collaborate financially, because the budgets this year were not approved and in the previous ones it was not contemplated.

Objectives of the Fercam 2019 fair

It is a fair of the field and for the field. A modern fair that thinks about the future of agriculture, livestock, the agricultural industry, renewable energies, agri-food products and the automotive industry.

The fundamental objectives of this Fercam 2019 fair are:

  • First of all, present the latest news in agriculture and livestock.
  • Offer technical conferences.
  • Promote various competitions such as "wine quality", "olive oil quality", "cheese quality" and "tractor handling".

Agriculture and livestock in Castilla la Mancha

This community is at the forefront of quality agriculture and livestock. It is the one with the most denominations of origin in a wide variety of products. It is therefore the most suitable region to have an agricultural and livestock fair such as Fercam 2019.

We detail the products presented by D.O. in this region:

Wines : the community that has more hectares of vineyards and 9 denominations of origin as we already detailed in another article.

Vinos Castilla la Mancha-Fercam 2019
Wines with designation of origin in Castilla la Mancha


  • Campo de Calatrava with varieties such as Cornicabra, Picual.
  • Campo de Montiel with varieties Cornicabra, Picual, Arbequina and Manzanilla.
  • Alcarria Oil with the Berdeja variety.
  • Montes de Toledo with the variety Cornicabra .

Other products with designation of origin

  • Saffron from La Mancha: seasoning from saffron flowers, roasted over low heat.
  • Alcarria Honey: rosemary monofloral, lavender monofloral and multifloral.
  • Manchego cheese: with La Mancha sheep's milk, with a minimum cure of 30 days.
  • Purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras: recognized worldwide as one of the best. Fundamental in the dishes of the Mediterranean diet and one of the most recommended foods in the daily diet for its properties.
  • Aubergines from Almagro: are sold canned and are highly appreciated.
  • Onion from La Mancha: of excellent quality and essential in the kitchen.
  • Cantaloupe of the Mancha: stands out for its sweetness.
  • Manchego Lamb: one of the most appreciated meats in the region and its roasts that are especially characteristic of La Mancha gastronomy.
  • Pan de Cruz: special to make the typical La Mancha crumbs.
  • Toledo marzipan: sweet that cannot be missed at Christmas.

Plantae at the Fercam 2019 fair

Our presence in Castilla la Mancha is very wide, visiting farms with a lot of products: pistachios, olive trees, vineyards, onions and walnut trees.

For this reason we have to be at this fair to collaborate in the modernization of agriculture and offer farmers the possibility of improving products in quantity and quality optimizing the use of water with humidity and temperature sensors / probes.

Plantae en los viñedos de Ciudad Real y Toledo

We install sensors in vineyards in the province of Ciudad Real. Humidity measurements are made at different depths and located at strategic points so that the farmer receives detailed information in real time on the humidity of the crop.

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