Fame Innowa, fair in Murcia-Agribusiness in Torre Pacheco

Fame Innowa: TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM OF THE MEDITERRANEAN AGRI-FOOD SECTOR in Torre-Pacheco, Murcia, from April 3 to 6, 2019.

The 30th edition on the pillars of the company, production, knowledge and innovation is celebrated. It has a technical organizing committee with more than 30 members from institutions, companies and organizations related to the agricultural sector.

At Fame Innowa there will be monographic sessions such as:

  • Sustainable Solutions for Intensive Agriculture.
  • Mar Menor Case: Adaptation of the Horticultural Sector to Climate Change.
  • The Promotion of Exports. New markets.

Subsectors of means of production:

This fair brings together national and international manufacturers and producers of agricultural technology.

Sistemas  y técnicas de riego, filtros, bombas, electro bombas, tratamiento de aguas, desaladoras, descontaminantes, entre otras.

Also manufacturers and marketers of phytosanitary products, such as fertilizers, plant nutrition, seeds, nurseries, etc.

Containers and packaging.

Greenhouses and accessories.

Agricultural machinery, for sowing, transplanting, collecting and handling horticultural products, packaging, etc.

Meteorological agencies.

Renewable energies, lighting, hydroponic cultivation, refrigeration and freezing systems.

Fruits and vegetables.

Universities, consultancies, software, research centers and Colleges.

Also professionals from sectors related to agriculture.

Finally: banks, professional organizations and service companies, among others.

Citrus in Torre Pacheco
Citrus in Torre Pacheco

Plantae at Fame Innowa

Plantae cannot miss this appointment because Murcia is the technological region par excellence in agriculture and that seeks to optimize water resources more than any other.

In this region we already have a distributor of our humidity sensors , because it is where we have more clients in all types of crops as we have already commented on many occasions.

Agriculture is going through a very important phase, in competitiveness and increased production.

Murcia is becoming a model of agriculture modern .

Plantae booth at fame Innowa
Plantae booth at fame Innowa

Agriculture in Murcia

We will soon dedicate a chapter to this region of Murcia. Today we are going to highlight the difficulties and advantages of its agriculture.

The difficulties are basically:

  • The scarcity of water that requires rigorous control of water use and the use of all types of water, including those from desalination plants.
  • Soils with few nutrients, you have to resort to fertilizers continuously.
  • The arid climate with little rainfall.
Fame Innowa
Fame Innowa

The advantages :

  • The good temperature and the number of sunny days a year. This influences the quality of products such as Pear from Jumilla and the excellent wines with denomination of origin of Yecla, Jumilla and Bullas. Citrus fruits, las stone fruits and vegetables.
  • The region's commitment to research and innovation.
  • The improvement of infrastructures.
  • The modernization and optimization of your crops.
  • The training of farmers with forums and fairs throughout the region.
  • The involvement of the administrations with aid to the sector.
  • Creation of technical conferences for new farmers.
  • Defense of the agricultural sectors at the national and international level.
  • The rise of organic farming. About 80,000 hectares.
  • Information on agriculture from the local media with programs such as «Diario of the field ».
  • Research centers such as IMIDA, currently investigating traditional tomato seeds, to achieve large-scale productions with better flavor. In addition to other projects such as water stress and salinity, fertilizers in citrus, etc.

Campoés in Torre Pacheco

The Campoés company offers technical advice to farmers and gardeners in everything related to fertilizers, seeds, products biological and ecological, technological advances, correct use of phytosanitary products in crops, pest control, improvement of production and quality.

Campoés is our partner in sensor distribution in the Murcia region.

Given the problems that the region has with water management, Campoés is involved in publicizing our humidity and temperature sensors for intelligent water saving in irrigation.

For more than a year, Plantae humidity sensors have been installed measuring 30 and 60cm deep in farms in Murcia.

The results have been exceptional, as our sensors have managed to save between 15% and 20% of irrigation water weekly thanks to the monitoring of data in real time.

In addition, our clients enjoy the information from the Plantae mobile app, with which they only activate or deactivate irrigation according to their needs.

Pistachio fertilizers
Pistachio fertilizers


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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital