Smart Rural Fimart-Innovation Fair in Córdoba

Smart Rural Innovation Fair , Fimart, in Córdoba.

It is the second edition in which Plantae participates in this fair, given its link with the high technology and the promotion that Fimart offers in the last advances of the rural world.

Plantae scheme
Plantae- scheme. Present at Smart Rural Fimart

Objectives of the fair Smart Rural Fimart

  • First, to present the largest event in agri-food innovation for professionals in the sector.
  • Second, coordinate companies with public institutions to promote rural and forestry development and all agrifood chains.
  • Third, start new innovative projects and coordinate the commercialization of products and services.
  • Finally, bring to the rural world the latest advances in: advanced software, sensors, internet, big data with its application to business intelligence, blockchain artificial intelligence, drones, robotics, energy efficiency ...
Drones at the Innovation Fair
Drones at the Innovation Fair

What can we find at the Fimart smart rural innovation Fair

It has become a meeting point for the past technological advances applied to the rural world, from energy management, production and savings to marketing. A commitment to the future to put agriculture and society in contact while caring for the environment.

Technology big data for the industry:

  • Business Intelligence: smart agriculture that allows increasing production with the same amount of soil and fewer resources.
  • Make better decisions: know in real time data on Humidity, time, etc.
  • Increased profitability: energy savings and better pest control
  • Respect for the environment: control of natural resources to improve the environment.
  • Performance increase: management and control are improved.

Finally, the ICT sector that manages contracting.

Platforms designed to control land, time, resource management, optimize land:

  • Agriculture 3.0
  • Agroindustry 4.0.
  • Precision farming.
  • Renewable energy.

In short, improvements at the service of citizens and the quality of life in rural areas.

Smart Rural Fimart
Smart Rural Fimart

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