Expoliva 2023-International Fair of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Related Industries

One more year, Jaén celebrates the international fair of EVOO and related industries, Expoliva 2023. You cannot miss it, from May 10 to 13.

What will you find at the EVOO-Expoliva 2023 international fair?

This fair is a meeting point between producers, trade and consumers. Among other things we can find forums relating extra virgin olive oil with:

  • The technology.
  • Food and health.
  • Its relationship with the environment.
  • Influence on the economy and society.
  • Oleotourism.
  • The innovation.


You can also participate in different awards for the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

See full list of winners and awardees

Main objectives of Expoliva 2023

Scientific symposium

The Olive Grove Foundation organizes the XXI Expoliva Scientific-Technical Symposium focusing on health and the Mediterranean diet.

The symposium will bring together more than 100 experts related to the extraction, production and economy of the olive grove.

IX International Exhibition SIAOVE Expoliva

"The owners of oil mills, their related producers and groups of oil mills, which are authorized by current legislation on the matter for the development of these activities, may participate in the Show."


Competition rules:

XXI Communication Award- Expoliva 2023

Bases to participate:



Expoliva 2023

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