EXPOLIVA 2021 in Jaén-Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Related Industries

Plantae participates in Expoliva 2021 from September 21 to 25 in Jaén, given the importance of the fair and the company's interests in the olive grove, to improve the quality of table olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Objectives of Expoliva 2021

EXPOLIVA 2021 is the main Feria Mundial para la promoción y el desarrollo del Sector del Olivar y el Aceite de Oliva:

  • Trade Fair.
  • Show Cooking.
  • Premios Expoliva.
    • Premio Internacional a la Calidad de los mejores Aceites de Oliva Virgen Extra del Mundo.
    • XII PREMIO A LA CALIDAD DEL ACEITE DE OLIVA VIRGEN EXTRA DE LA PROVINCIA DE JAÉN “GRAN PICUAL” . Se busca el mejor aceite de oliva de Jaén de la variedad Picual.
    • XX Premio de Comunicación. Expoliva 2021. EL mejor trabajo de comunicación sobre el olivar y el aceite de oliva.
  • Technical Scientific Symposium.
  • Expoliva Extra Virgin Room.

Organizers of Expoliva 2021

Olive grove foundation

It is the foundation for the promotion and development of the Olive Grove and Olive Oil.


Provincial Fair and Congress Center of Jaén.

Companies participating in Expoliva 2021

Agroisa S.L.

Specialists in olive machinery. With your products you can:

  • Pick the olive and transport it.
  • Weigh the olive.
  • Wash it and clean it.
  • Separate the pit from the olive.
  • Other complementary equipment.


Center for innovation and development of the agricultural and food sector.


Technology for food processing and many other sectors .

Plantae in Expoliva 2021

The objective of Plantae is to present our new technological products and our new web Plantae and App manager .

In addition to humidity and conductivity sensors / probes, we offer the olive grower the possibility of measuring:

  • The irrigation flow.
  • Relative humidity.
  • The outside and subsoil temperature.
  • The hours of cold and thermal integral.

All this from the mobile or tablet and with the instructions of the App manager that you can follow on our blog.

The advantage is to obtain a superior quality olive and that provides the possibility of having the best extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil

We have already dedicated an article to clarify the different varieties of oil.

The extra virgin oil is the best quality and Jaén is the Spanish province with the highest production and where the best quality awards are obtained worldwide. One of the objectives of the fair is to publicize the advantages of consuming extra virgin olive oil and the health benefits.

In order for the oil to retain all its properties, it is advisable to consume it raw and at its ideal point of preservation.

We emphasize that a law has recently been approved that prohibits the use of the terms "virgin" and "extra virgin" for any vegetable fat that does not respond to olive oil.

The use of mixtures of olive oil and olive pomace with other oils of vegetable origin is prohibited. Nor can they be used in products with an oily appearance.

Advantages of consuming extra virgin olive oil

Expoliva 2021
Expoliva 2021

Of the innumerable favorable properties that extra virgin oil has for health, it is worth highlighting the type of fat that it gives us, the healthy one.

Our body needs a quantity of fat in the daily diet, but not just any fat.

Healthy fats : monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.

  • They provide chemical energy to our cells.
  • Linoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid regulate cell membranes. They are the main fats in extra virgin olive oil.
  • They are a source of vitamins A, D, E and K, important in growth and the nervous and reproductive system.
  • They favor the purification of the liver.
  • Huge importance in the growth and development of the reproductive and nervous system.
  • Beneficial for the skin.

Harmful fats:

Saturated (they cause excess bile secretion and increase in cholesterol). We must not overeat.

They may be:

  • Solid in appearance and fundamentally of animal origin.
  • Of vegetable origin, such as those from palm and coconut.

Trans : transformed liquid oils found mainly in industrially baked products. We must avoid its consumption as much as possible. Also vacuum-packed fried products.




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