Expofare 2021 in Córdoba-Irrigation agriculture-Agroindustry

Expofare 2021, from October 28 to 30, is the irrigation fair of the Guadalquivir valley and Plantae has a special interest in presenting its technology. Water is a scarce good that we must optimize.

Objectives of Expofare 2021

The motto of this fair is « water as a scarce commodity «, a meeting point for the world of agriculture.

The objectives are:

Irrigated agriculture

Es la que necesita un aporte de agua de riego para su crecimiento. Esto pasa en la Península en la mayoría de las explotaciones del Centro y sur. Especialmente importante el riego en Extremadura, toda la cuenca Mediterránea y las Islas.

We have already devoted several articles to the importance of choosing a good irrigation system and the most used according to the crop, with the need for it to be a controlled irrigation to save water and energy.

El papel de nuestros sensores de humedad y temperatura, así como el de conductividad, facilitan la labor de agricultor a la hora de decidir cuánto y cuándo regar.

Plantae in irrigated agriculture

In this fair, Expofare 2021 Plantae will be available to all farmers in the area to clarify all doubts about probe controlled irrigation . We also advise on what is best for each crop according to the terrain and type of farm. We can adapt probes both to outdoor plantations and to greenhouses or hydroponic crops.

  • Wireless humidity, conductivity and / or temperature sensor, with its own battery and customizable according to crop and soil type, at different depths.
  • Wireless flowmeter for drip rubber or main pipes. Measures liters, m 3 , irrigation hours and flow in real time.
  • Meteo Station with rain gauge , relative humidity and ambient temperature that provide information on cold hours and thermal integral ( AgroData ).

controlled irrigation is a priority for Plantae. The irrigation methods, the most appropriate for each crop and the saving of water and energy are under continuous study by our technicians.

The hub / receiver is powered by a solar panel.

Entrevista a nuestro CEO Samuel López por Telequivir

Telequivir es la televisión de la comarca de la Vega del Guadalquivir para Palma del Río, Fuente Palmera, La Carlota, Hornachuelos, Posadas, Guadalcázar, Almodóvar del Río y Fuente Carreteros, en donde Plantae tiene muchísimos clientes en diversos cultivos.

What is agroindustry ?

It is a sector of the economy that channels all the processes that make a product reach the consumer. It can be highly technological like the olive harvest and the process of to make the oil or the distribution of fresh vegetables from the garden to the table.

In Expofare 2021 you can establish contacts and business opportunities.

Agro-industrial activities

The collection of the different products.

Storage and conservation of raw materials.

Packaging, selection, canning or freezing of vegetables or fruits.

Transformation of products such as juices, candies, and others.

Agribusiness characteristics present at Expofare 2021

  • Harvest seasonality : good control of the terrain, weather and irrigation can allow more than one harvest.
  • Modifications in the planning according to the interest that reaches the consumer, choosing the variety and the cultivation infrastructure appropriately.
  • Intensive harvest after studying the conditions that we must adapt according to the crop.
  • Harvesting method depending on the crop, it can be manual or mechanical.
  • Technology appropriate for planting, conservation or harvesting.
  • Pollution control of both irrigation water and atmospheric emissions.
  • Storage and conservation so that the raw material reaches the consumer perfectly.
  • A very prominent point is the recycling of waste both organic and plastic and glass.
  • Finally, the transformation of waste into fertilizers or other materials.

The trend of all agricultural sectors is to implement a circular agriculture that we will develop in a future article.

La economía lineal, producir y consumir, está siendo descartada por la economía circular. Esta se basa en tres premisas:

  • Primera: reducir costes y en este punto interviene Plantae con ahorro de agua y energía.
  • Segunda: aprovechar los residuos.
  • Por último reutilizar los residuos para conseguir otro producto.

All three are the key to achieving sustainable agriculture in time.





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