Weather station for automatic drip irrigation

Pluviometer, Relative Humidity and Environmental Temperature

Pluviometer to measure the amount of water that falls with rain on a determined place at a certain time. As with the rest of Plantae's technology, data transmission is wireless and aimed at water use optimization. The pluviometer can adapt perfectly to the current hardware of Plantae's devices.

It measures the start and end time of the rain and indicates the liters per square meter of water provided each day. In this way, the rain gauge allows irrigation to be adapted to the exact amount of rain that falls on the ground at a given time.

Meteo station with sensor to measure relative humidity and environmental temperature. Wireless data transmission to the online platform. Moreover, Plantae uses the measurements to calculate the crop's Cold Hours and Thermal Integral.

Relative humidity sensor (probe) -Effects it produces on crops


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With the Thermal Integral the availability of heat for the development and maturation of plant species is defined, with which predictions are made of the phenological states of the crop, pests and diseases and the optimal harvest time.

The Cold Hours determine the plants' low temperature accumulation period which note the dates of budbreak and the best dates for certain agronomic practices, risk of frost and possible harvest losses.

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Technical Information of the Weather Station for automatic drip irrigation


  • Sensor Specifications
    • Collection area: 214 cm2
    • Resolution: 0.2 mm
    • Precision: +/- 4%
  • Mechanic Specifications
    • Material: UV radiation resistant ABS plastic
    • Dimensions: ∅ 165 x 240 mm
    • Weight: 2Kg
  • Data transmission: via radio frequency with a range of up to 700 m from the Hub/Receptor

Relative Humidity and Environmental Temperature

  • Environmental temperature sensor range: -40/248 (ºC)
  • Relative Humidity Sensor range: 0/99 (%)
  • Approximate weight: 115.9 g
  • Centesimal resolution (Hr)
  • Data transmission: via radio frequency with a range of up to 700 m from the Hub/Receptor