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If you have browsed this website and on his blog, you have seen that there is a lot of information and details to take into account to know What do I need for my crop?

That is why the best thing, we think, is for our agronomists to help you solve all your doubts and tell us your type(s) of soil, the area where you have your crop, what crop you have and the basic information to be able to make a idea and advise you more precisely.

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Do you want answers NOW about how we can help you?

Here I leave you the questions that our clients always ask us and the answers.

About Plantae Sensors

Is Plantae suitable for any type of irrigation?

Our added value is in savings and optimization.

The most common is to install Plantae in drip, pivot or sprinkler irrigation. Blanket or flood irrigation are more complex to control and the management and savings capacity is reduced, so we have very few clients with this type of irrigation.

Are the sensors used for gardening?

The professional gardening sector represents the 15% of Plantae clients.

We work on racecourses, first and second division LFP football fields, golf courses or public landscaping.

Does it work in greenhouse and hydroponics?

Yes, we have high precision and we already work on these crops, in areas of Almería, Murcia or Portugal.

I have buried irrigation, can the Plantae sensors be buried?

Yes, there is a version of the product that can be buried. The difference is that the communication distance is reduced to 300 meters with the hub-receiver.

How do I know the number of sensors I need for my farm?

An average is 2 sensors every 10ha, but our technical and commercial team will configure a proposal based on the irrigation sectors, type of soil, type of crop and topography.

Where are the ground sensors placed?

The ideal is near the dripper to monitor the wet bulb and under the tree canopy. But they can be changed depending on each need.

What is the flowmeter for?

Know at all times what you water without going to the farm.

Where are the flowmeters placed?

Or in the rubber dripper (16-20mm) or in the main pipes. We have the entire product range.

Does Plantae control irrigation?

Not for now. We inform and transfer the data on humidity, temperature... but the irrigation is not managed automatically.

I don't have electricity on the farm, is Plantae working?

Yes, because the hub-receiver has its own 12v battery and solar panel.

I have a socket, can I plug the receiver into it?

Yes, we have a hub-receiver valid for 220v. However, you have to check that it receives all the readings within a radius of 500-700 meters, which can decrease if you have metal doors or elements that limit communication.

If I install Plantae, can I forget to make decisions or go to my farm?

It's not advisable. Plantae is a tool, but always as an added value to plot control and decision making. To create irrigation strategies you must know your circumstances, area, crop and harvest expectations.

In what unit is humidity measured?

In gravimetric % of humidity.

Why do I need a sensor if I manage my farm by eye irrigation?

Because it will give you information remotely and in real time every hour, at different points and at different depths. However, if you dig ditches weekly to see the state of the soil throughout the farm, you do not need sensors.

If I have 10ha of wood, how many sensors do I need?

With a point or at most two points is usually enough. Each point with 2 sensors for 2 depths.

How much water can I save using Plantae?

Between 5 and 50%, depending on your crop and needs.

Apart from saving water, what else are humidity sensors good for?

In addition to humidity, you can:

a) Control and maintain your crops in an optimal state
b) Do not wash salts from the ground
c) Light saving in the case of not using solar panels
d) Educate your crop to a personalized irrigation that allows it to resist future droughts.

What else can I activate on a sensor?

In addition to humidity, you can:

1. Measure the conductive tendency (salts in the soil)
2. Measure surface temperature (important for frost)
3. Even add a sensor with soil temperature (for treatments or irrigation timing decisions)

What happens if my sensor is stolen?

The guarantee of Plantae products covers any anomaly or update. But it does not cover theft, breakage by implement or defects caused by animals. You will have to buy a new one or take out Plantae insurance.

How often do the Plantae sensors measure?

Hourly by default, but can be reduced to 5 minutes per reading if the crop needs it.

Does the sensor take batteries?

Yes, 3 AA batteries with autonomy of more than 2 years. Easy to change.

Does Plantae work outside of Spain and Portugal?

Yes, our GPRS data card connects to the nearest local telecommunications provider.

I have internet on the farm, is it useful for me?

No, the communication between sensors and the hub-receiver is closed (by radio-frequency) and the hub-receiver uses GPRS (mobile communication) to show you the information from the sensors directly on the Plantae web/app in a secure way.

Do I receive alerts or reports for humidity and other data?

Yes, you can configure weekly, fortnightly or monthly PDF reports, as well as all kinds of alerts based on the data.

Can I integrate the data in my platform?

Yes, we have an API for anyone to integrate the information. However, a service cost is always maintained because the Plantae platform will allow you to manage your teams, assign them... while you do the integrations. There is also an API cost depending on the calls

About Our Weather Station

Is there also weather station?

Yes, in fact, the rain gauge to measure rainfall and the relative humidity and ambient temperature sensor are independent products. You can buy them separately.

Does the station measure more than the standard data with relative humidity and ambient temperature?

Yes, in Plantae you can collect data on cold hours, thermal integral, dew point, leaf wetting and VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit).

Why would I buy a rain gauge if I see the weather data in a standard app?

Unless you have the AEMET or SIAR weather stations very close to your farm, these data are indicative and never exact for your plantation. You will only be able to know exactly what is happening on your plot with your own station.

What information does the weather station give?

Our station has a rain gauge where you get accumulated liters on your farm, as well as humidity and temperature. In addition: Cold hours, integral ends, TPV, dew point and sheet wetting.

With all this information you will be able to make better irrigation decisions, phenological states of the crop and have greater precision in the control of your plot, not only with the information from state stations such as AEMET.

About us

Is Plantae a Spanish company?

Yes, 100%. Founding team and capital. Manufacturing and assembly in Madrid, Spain.

Does Plantae offer agronomic advisory services beyond sensors and irrigation?

Yes, depending on the case, we provide support in fertigation plans, training courses or advice on cultivation.

How many clients does Plantae have?

500, mainly in Spain and Portugal, and with more than 50 different crops.

Where is Plantae?

The headquarters is located in Leganés, Madrid. But we have points of sale in various regions of Spain and Portugal.

I am from outside Spain and Portugal, can I purchase Plantae?

Yes, we have clients in Morocco, UAE, Brazil or France. Contact us and we will assist you online.

Are there any farmers in the Plantae technical team?

5 of the 12 people in Plantae have farms. In addition, we have a network of technicians from each distributor throughout the Peninsula specialized in crops and areas.

I want Plantae, how do I contact you?

Request an advice session and we will contact you to clarify any doubts and get started to advance in the implementation of your precision cultivation




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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital