The olive tree in Portugal with tourist sensors-routes through olive groves

The olive tree in Portugal is currently betting on intensive plantations, many with irrigation, which reduce costs and improve productivity and it is expected that in ten years it can exceed Spain in production.

Hectáreas e olivos en Portugal

Plantae no es ajeno a esto y amplía su mercado a sus olivares de la zona del Alentejo.

Humidity sensors in agriculture and especially in intensive plantations control in real time the irrigation needs of the crop, as well as the conductivity and temperature of the subsoil.

Wireless sensors in these drip irrigation plantations help to monitor the quality and quality of the olive tree. The southern area of ​​Portugal with the irrigation incorporated is increasing olive production and therefore improving the oleic sector.

Olive areas in Portugal

Mapa del olivo en Portugal
Olive areas in Portugal

Objectives of the olive sector in Portugal

  • Promote the olive grove intensive and super-intensive.
  • Implement sustainable irrigation.
  • Improve quality and productivity.
  • Expand the export sector.
  • Presenting itself as a great competitor in the export of oil worldwide.
  • Increase tourist routes with visits to the olive grove and oil mills.


Route through olive trees in Portugal

Among the various routes that we can do in Portugal, we will highlight those that run through the olive groves.

First route:

  • Behind the mountains

It receives this name because a mountainous barrier separates it from the coast. in its interior is a valley full of chestnut trees, olive trees and other crops.

Second route:

  • Beira high.
  • Beira Vaixa
  • Ribatejo

Third route:

  • Alentejo North and Alentejo interior.
  • Moura

Located in the Alentejo area, in the heart of the Guadiana valley, with mills on the banks of the rivers and landscapes of olive trees, corn and pastures. A part of the Guadiana can be descended by canoe.

Good food with local olive oil and good Alentejo wine.

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