Mango irrigation in Spain, varieties and care-The best with sensors

Today we are going to talk about the irrigation of the mango, about a extraordinary fruit , which adapts to the subtropical climate of southern Spain and to which the Plantae sensors have also arrived. As we will detail later, the mango needs controlled irrigation.

It is a very attractive tree, with large leaves, therefore it produces a lot of shade and wants heat, sun and controlled humidity.

Plantae does not sell plants or advise on the variety or type of mango to plant in its area or region. We are dedicated to the design, development and commercialization of wireless sensor technology to save water and improve crop production.

Handle irrigation controlled by humidity, temperature and conductivity probes

Considerations to take into account in the irrigation of the remote control

  • Mango needs a lot of water , but humidity must be controlled.
  • Suffer quickly from water stress.
  • The installation of humidity and temperature sensors / probes, wireless and with real-time information, helps us to dose the irrigation and always have the tree with the amount of water it needs.
  • The type of soil also influences the filtration of water to deeper lands, therefore irrigation must be frequent and controlled by smart sensors , which indicate the needs of the plant at all times.
Sensores en mango
Irrigation controlled with sensors in mango in Malaga

In the image we can see two sensors at two depths of 40 and 60 centimeters that measure humidity, temperature and conductivity, indicating the accumulation of salts and the need for irrigation.

The mango is especially sensitive to salinity and as the irrigations are distanced it increases. For this reason they must be frequent and with the right amount you need.

Mango production in Spain

For all the requirements that we have cited, the regions that best adapt to mango cultivation are:

  • Balearic Islands.
  • South of Andalusia, especially Malaga, Granada and Almería.
  • Murcia.
  • Canarias.
  • Comunidad Valenciana.

Mango varieties

The most outstanding and cultivated varieties in our country are:

  • Osteen, one of the earliest and the most produced in Spain.
  • Keitt, late production.
  • Kent, mid-season.
  • Tommy Atkins, the earliest, since August.
Mango varieties
Mango varieties

Mango soil type

Terreno idóneo de mango
USDA terrain map

It needs a soil with enough depth to allow its roots to develop, which are wide and deep and at the same time of light composition and very drained.

In compact soils it is difficult for him to root and this affects the good growth of the tree.


We have already commented that it requires a subtropical climate, and it is therefore in the entire Mediterranean basin where it manages to adapt.

  • It does not tolerate cold temperatures. It therefore requires moderate winters.
  • Late frosts hurt him.
  • It requires humidity and very controlled irrigation without flooding.
Argelia con riego controlado por sensores
Mango in Algeria with sensor-controlled irrigation



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