The pomegranate in Spain- Control irrigation with sensors / probe

The pomegranate in Spain is one of the oldest deciduous trees, it adapts to lands that are not valid for other fruit trees. We are going to study in detail its cultivation and its irrigation controlled by sensors / probe Plantae .

Pomegranate cultivation in Spain

Of the entire European Union, the main pomegranate producing country is Spain.

The protected designation of origin of Alicante stands out, « the mollar pomegranate of Elche »That stands out for its sweetness and soft seeds. Also the "Valencian" variety that stands out for its early production. The difference between the two varieties is fundamentally in the hardness of the seed.

But the production of pomegranate in Albatera and Crevillente is also important.

The crops in the province of Murcia and throughout the central and southern area of ​​Spain also stand out, as indicated in the following map.

The pomegranate in Spain
The pomegranate in Spain

Climate and irrigation of the pomegranate in Spain. Does the pomegranate need a lot of water?

The pomegranate needs:

  • A hot climate, especially in the ripening of the fruit, so that it is very sweet.
  • It is very sensitive to late frosts.
  • The other factor is irrigation, it needs a lot of water, especially in the fruit growing season so that they are large and juicy.
  • Controlled irrigation will be very important to the quality of the pomegranate. At maturation it should be removed so that they do not crack. It can be in winter or late fall.

Irrigation control with sensors / probe

Plantae offers a series of sensors / probes for:

  • Control the humidity and temperature of the subsoil.
  • Measure the conductivity and ambient humidity.
  • Indicate the ambient temperature.
  • Measure the irrigation flow with a flow meter.

With them, the pomegranate's water need is controlled in real time.

The quality and quantity of fruit improves considerably with controlled irrigation.

Riego controlado con sensores/sonda del granado
Irrigation controlled with sensors / probe of pomegranate in pomegranate. In winter it is not watered and in spring it increases until the end of summer which begins to decrease and ends up being removed at the end of autumn.

The grenade

The fruit of the pomegranate is the pomegranate which can be:

  • Sweet of the common pomegranate.
  • Bittersweet.
  • Sour.

The consumption of the pomegranate is considered a source of health. We can find it in the market in its natural form, in juices, in yogurts, in facial creams for its healthy benefits for the skin.

It is one of the most recommended fruits.

The grenade
Pomegranate fruit
Pomegranate plantation with irrigation controlled by Plantae sensors
Pomegranate plantation with irrigation controlled by Plantae sensors

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