Hybrid turf on soccer and golf fields

The hybrid grass is a kind of artificial platform for natural grass. It has reached the soccer fields and golf from Spain five years ago providing stability to the ground and reducing the number of injuries to players. At the same time, it gives a very aesthetic aspect to the fields. It is also used in baseball or rugby

The big football clubs, in their growing interest in complying with turf regulations and offering a quality field to the players, are betting on this technique that we are going to try and develop.

In golf courses, this type of grass is of interest in the busiest areas.

The hybrid fiber grass

This type of grass is a kind of elastic fiber sewn or injected into the ground. It consists of two layers:

  • An insulator that prevents larvae, fungi or insects from reaching the roots and protects the lawn.
  • Another elastic.

At the same time, they have attached the twigs of artificial grass that serve as a support for the natural one. Both are filled with sand and rubber granules that favor aeration of the subsoil.

These fibers allow the passage of the roots that take root in it and grow towards the interior area where the organic components are.

The fiber layers also keep the temperature of the subfloor and make it more compact.

The usual thing is the preparation of all the land and then sowing. About ten days after sowing it is normally ready to use.

The duration of this type of hybrid grass is about ten years.

hybrid grass
hybrid grass

The seeds used are chosen according to the climatic zone as we already indicated in another article and following the UNE regulations.

The natural grass is mixed with the artificial fiber that is in a percentage of 3% to a maximum of 5% and the natural one is the only one that will be seen.

An exception are the lines that can be higher and whiter as indicated in the diagram and are 100% artificial grass, with the corresponding savings in paint.

césped híbrido para líneas
Hybrid grass for lines

Mesh Hybrid Turf

This second system is a mesh that covers the ground and through which the grass is mixed. What this method does is stabilize the natural grass and protect it, making it more resistant. It can be sown before or after placement.

The duration of this type of grass is less, at most it lasts three seasons or even one.

The type of soil in both cases is usually of the following composition:

Terreno idóneo para campos de fútbol
Ideal terrain for soccer fields with hybrid turf according to the soil laboratory manual in Civil Engineering.

The type of hybrid grass for each field depends on the weather and the type of terrain.

Césped con malla
The mesh hybrid grass.

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid grass

The main disadvantage is the implementation costs. Maintenance costs are reduced because it needs less watering since it better preserves temperature and humidity.

The advantages are diverse:

Hybrid grass at Atlético de Madrid.
  • Hybrid grass is more resistant.
  • In case of rain it drains better and does not present puddles.
  • Once the installation is done and the planting is done, ten or twelve days arrive for the lawn to be perfect for playing.
  • It is much more resistant.
  • The field can be used out of season for other events, because the ground deteriorates less and the planting is replenished more quickly.
  • Avoid fungi in the lawn to be more drained and protected by the layers of fiber.
  • Larvae and insects are prevented because they do not easily access the roots with the insulation layer.
  • It is cleaner under heavy foot traffic because the subsoil is more insulated and soil is not raised.
  • Natural grass takes root better and offers more stability. It protects her from being ripped off.

Care del césped en un campor de fútbol

Once the natural grass has been installed and sown with the ideal seeds for each type of climate, the care is the usual for natural grass: fertilizers, irrigation, mowing.

El riego se reduce porque las raíces están más protegidas por la capa de aislante, que suele ser polímero, pero es importante un control de humedad y temperatura.

They normally have a slight slope to favor drainage in very rainy climates to avoid puddles.

There are some fields in cold seasons protect the grass with radial heating or thermal blankets, given the importance of maintaining stable conditions.

The Villarreal Football Club is a pioneer in installing hybrid turf. It has been followed by Real Madrid, Barcelona with mesh or Atlético de Madrid in its new facilities and others. Currently many clubs are betting on this new technique.

Plantae está en contacto con diversos clubes de primera y segunda división para el control del riego y el ahorro  inteligente de agua en el cuidado de todo tipo de césped híbrido o natural.

Plantae ofrece la posibilidad de controlar el sésped de una manera inteligente, por medio de sensores de humedad, conductividad y temperatura.

Además de la posibilidad de instalar una estación meteorológica que consta de:

  • Pluviometer.
  • Sensor de Humedad Relativa.
  • SensorTemperatura Ambiente.
  • Anemómetro.




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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital