Plantae designs and develops this year wireless flowmeter on request since 2018 from its distributors and customers.

It is already on the market, allowing real-time reporting of irrigation applied as well as deficiencies between actual irrigation and that estimated by the farmer, technician or irrigator.

What is a wireless flowmeter?

It is an instrument that measures the flow or expense of water (or any fluid), in this case wireless with the help of a sensor.

The flowmeter will be a relevant tool for irrigation control. It is applicable in different sectors and values ​​the correlation of data between contributed liters and soil moisture.

El caudalímetro en Vida Rural

Utilities of a Flowmeter

  • To control the irrigation at the beginning or end of the irrigation sectors (configurable according to type of pipe / dripper).
  • Mark the start and end times for each irrigation, total duration and liters applied.
  • Detects breakages or blockages in the irrigation system.
  • Improve water management in your plantation or crop.
  • Compare the theoretical flow of the sector with its real flow, obtaining a percentage (%) deviation.
  • Relate the risks with the subsoil humidity graphs.
  • Identify when and how often a well loses charge.
  • It establishes a relationship between the liters contributed with the production obtained and makes the irrigation profitable to use the least amount of water possible, maintaining or improving the productive results.
  • Check that the irrigation plan is being carried out when and how the technician recommends.
  • Improve irrigation protocols in the plantation.

Where can you put a flowmeter?

It can be applied to any type of hose and it brings great benefits to professional agriculture and gardening, even more combined with other sensors.

All the technology that optimizes humidity, irrigation, conductivity gives the farmer real-time information that makes control over the plant of high quality.

The optimization of all the resources quantifies the nutrient flow that the plant receives and that makes its development occur without water stress and the quality of the fruit and the quantity is much higher.

With the flowmeter, you can accurately measure:

  • How many liters have been contributed per tree in a sector.
  • Pick up time.
  • The production of that sector per tree.

With these data you can get:

  • A ratio or graph of liters on an axis.
  • A production ratio.

Flowmeter application case study

A peach customer, with the help of the sensors, cuts his water consumption in half and took out the same production, so that his ratio of water spent per kg of production dropped.

This is a positive fact because it is spending less resources (water and fuel) to obtain the same production, which in addition to leaving less ecological footprint, saves money.

With the help of the flowmeter, these data can be taken by sector and not by the total water taken out by the pump.

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