Bonsai and irrigation-Much better controlled by sensors

Bonsai is the new crop that yields to the advantages of irrigation controlled by humidity and temperature sensors offered by Plantae. This time we installed our sensors in a nursery.

What is a Bonsai?

Bonsai is a word of Japanese origin received by small trees that have altered their growth due to the weather, pruning and various care.

How do you get Bonsai?

There are various techniques:

  • With seeds : its growth is very slow and it should be transferred to a pot when the trunk has grown a little fat.
  • By cuttings : it is obtained quickly with the branches obtained in other prunings.
  • Grafted : using the trunk of a growing bonsai and using cuttings from others.
  • By layering : it involves introducing a branch into another pot until it generates roots.
  • Get it directly from a nursery.

Controlled irrigation of Bonsai


The art of caring for a bonsai depends on several factors:

  • Choose the substrate well.
  • Maintain an ideal irrigation.
  • Give it the necessary nutrients.
Riego controlado con sensores/sonda en el bonsái
 Irrigation controlled by sensors / probes


Since the bonsai has a fairly small pot where its roots crowd together, we must take into account the ambient temperature to keep the soil moist but without puddles.

The intensity of irrigation depends on the type of bonsai but the general guidelines are:

  • Verano: riego regular con un agua de calidad y pulverización de las hojas en días muy calurosos.
  • Otoño: disminuir el riego, manteniendo humedad y dejando que inicie el período de actividad vegetativa.
  • Invierno: el árbol está en reposo invernal y la tierra solamente tiene que estar húmeda.
  • Primavera: riego moderado.

In any case, we must take into account whether the Bonsai is indoors or outdoors. It should always be protected from frost or direct sun with high temperatures. It is best to keep it outside as much as possible, except in extreme temperatures.

The excess humidity of a bonsai is one of its biggest problems, because its roots can rot due to lack of oxygen.

Advantages of Plantae sensors in irrigation control

Controlling humidity is essential to have a healthy and vigorous Bonsai.

The humidity of the subsoil depends on the ambient temperature that influences the evaporation. For this reason, humidity control can vary from day to day. The leaves give off more water depending on the environment.

Maintaining moisture around the roots can be tricky if done by eye. Leaves can be burned in extreme temperatures. In this case we must protect and control it.

Plantae sensors They offer information in real time for the perfect control of the Bonsai.

We can know:

  • The ambient and subsoil temperature.
  • The relative humidity of the subsoil and of the exterior.
  • Salinity.
Irrigation controlled by sensors / Plantae probe
Irrigation controlled by sensors / Plantae probe
Caudalímetro inalámbrico para controlar el riego del Bonsái
Wireless flow meter for irrigation control in irrigation 



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