Ecosystems of Agrifood Innovation-Smart Agrifood 2021 in Malaga

The Smart Ag fair rifood 2021 in Malaga on September 30 and October 1, is the leading event European in the creation of agri-food innovation ecosystems.

What are agri-food innovation ecosystems?

An agricultural ecosystem is a community of independent organisms, a modified and human-managed system for the production of food.

The most important factors to consider are:

  • En primer lugar garantizar la food safety. Se basa en cuatro puntos importantes:
    • Disponibilidad de alimentos independientemente de la producción, con reservas que permitan estar a disposición de los consumidores.
    • Estabilidad en los precios con políticas que permitan una seguridad alimentaria de una manera continuada.
    • Uso adecuado y equilibrado de los alimentos por parte del consumidor.
    • Acceso a los alimentos con unas infraestructuras adecuadas.
  • Of the utmost importance meet the nutritional needs of all people . Have information about the needs of each individual, depending on the age, sex, weight, height, physical activity, physical condition of the person such as pregnancy, breastfeeding ...
  • También buscar estrategias para no poner en riesgo los factores sociales ni económicos del futuro. Según las Naciones Unidas son:
    • Garantizar los servicios de salud.
    • Protección social y servicios básicos.
    • Proteger empleos y apoyar pequeñas y medianas empresas.
    • Estímulos fiscales y financieros con políticas macroeconómicas que funcionen en favor de los más vulnerables.
    • Favorecer la cohesión social.
  • Por último preservar el medio ambiente:
    • Muy importante la educación sobre el reciclaje.
    • Save energy.
    • Reducir en la medida de lo posible el gasto de agua y energía. Cerrar los grifos lo máximo posible.
    • Utilizar productos reutilizables.

Smart Agrifood 2021-Agrifood innovation ecosystems
Smart Agrifood 2021-Agrifood innovation ecosystems

Smart food Summit-Smart Agrifood 2021 in Malaga

Innovation ecosystems present the latest technological developments from different organizations to transform knowledge into innovation.

Smart Agrifood 2021 is the international benchmark event in the agri-food sector. It is also a virtual and face-to-face meeting point to find partners. Also to increase financing and internationalization channels and publicize new products, services and innovative projects.

The topics to be debated in this year 2021 are:

  • A leading international event in the sector.
  • Business opportunities.
  • The most important trends in the sector.
  • Strategic Alliances.
  • The entire R & D & I ecosystem of the agri-food sector.
  • Open innovation.
  • Investment and financing options.
  • Digitization of the sector.
  • Sustainable development.

In this edition, Plantae will have the opportunity to once again present its technology to clients in the area, professionals and investors interested in new agrotech companies.

Plantae at Smart Agrifood Summit 2021

We are very proud to participate in the round table "Intelligent Irrigation: Prospects and Projects" on the 30th in the Water and Sustai nability Forum forum.

Presents and moderates: Carlos Garrido. Head of the Environment Area of Subdirectorate General of Irrigation, Natural Roads and Rural Infrastructures of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) .

Participate: BRIOAGRO TECH


· Manuel Martin Arroyo. Project Director of SUEZ Agriculture

·         Samuel López CEO de Plantae 

· President Southern Hydrographic Confederation TBC

· Javier Santacruz Cano. Economist and Financial Analyst

· Vladan Babovic. Professor at the National University of Singapore. Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering TBC

Smart Agrifood Summit-“Riego Inteligente: Perspectivas y Proyectos”
Smart Agrifood Summit 2021- “Riego Inteligente: Perspectivas y Proyectos”

Plantae is a leading company in agri-food innovation

Agri-food innovation is linked to the digital transformation of agriculture. Plantae focuses on the farmer's connection to his plantation. Through a mobile you can know the needs of your crop.

The foundations of the agriculture of the future begin with the quality of the product and then the infrastructures that optimize the entire food chain.

Our company is aware of this need and this has been recognized to us on several occasions.

In 2020 we were awarded the The Most Innovative Startup . From the beginning we have been pioneers in creating ideas and putting them on the market at the service of the agricultural sector. We also know how to listen to the demand of the agricultural sector, to respond to their needs.

When a difficulty arises in a plantation, our technicians work to solve the problem. We also try to make them economical, sustainable and viable with our wireless technology and controlled by a receiver that is powered by solar energy. The farmer receives the information on his tablet or mobile through our APP

Que Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit 2020 to recognize us as the most innovative company was an honor, and for that reason we repeat again in this very international event.

Most-Innovative-Startup-ecosistemas de innovación
Smart Agrifood Innovation Award 2020

We share a stand with CONAPA

One more year, Plantae presents its novelties in a Stand that we share with the CONAPA company. Our union is pushing precision agriculture with soil analysis and moisture, conductivity and temperature measurements.

This year we present the METEO station that incorporates a rain gauge, relative humidity sensor and room temperature, in addition to the new WEB MANAGER .

Concluyendo, estas novedades y muchas más sobre controlled irrigation, te las podemos contar en esta feria sobre:

«Ecosistemas de Innovación agroalimentaria».



Mapping in soil and subsoil with Conapa. Precision farming

Smart Agrifoof

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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital