Wireless sensors-PROBES-Easy installation in irrigation control

Many media outlets echo our company, which has created easy-to-install, wireless humidity and temperature sensors to control irrigation in the field.

Wireless sensors, easy-to-install probes for humidity and temperature control

Plantae® is a wireless technology focused on professional agriculture and gardening that allows you to configure a deficit irrigation in your crops increasing productivity through wireless sensors of humidity, temperature and other parameters. These wireless sensors have the advantages:

  • First and foremost, they are very easy to handle sensors.
  • Second, they consist of two rods at different depths depending on the crop to be controlled and the root system of the crop.
  • Third, we can see from the tablet or mobile the humidity, conductivity and temperature in the subsoil.

We no longer have to water by eye, we can know in real time the need for water that our plantation has and thus control the quality and quantity of the product.

Esquema de riego por goteo
Drip irrigation scheme. 1-Rain. 2-Absorption. 3-Drip irrigation. 4-Perspiration. 5-Conductivity sensor. measuring accumulation of salts 6-Humidity sensor. 7-Drip hose. 8-Wet bulb. 9-Root system. 10-ales accumulated. 11-Filtration of the subsoil. 12-Depth

The magazine «Innovadores» echoes the «innovation» of Plantae

Innovadores is the pioneer communication medium on innovation in Spain. News, interviews and analysis of the impact of technological transformation on business.

Also the Sunday of the newspaper «the reason« echoes the importance of our company.

In both media the characteristics of our sensors are collected:

  • Modernization of the ‘agro’ by means of a series of wireless sensors, easy to install.
  • Control in real time the humidity and temperature of the subsoil of crops and plantations at different depths.
  • Farmers can learn about parameters as diverse as granulometry, characterization, macronutrients and water.
  • The sensors are embedded in the ground and collect readings automatically at all times, sending them wirelessly to a receiver or hub.

General characteristics of Plantae wireless sensors

Ground humidity, conductivity and temperature sensor / probe:

- Fundamental own feeding.
- As we have already indicated measurement at different depths customizable depending on the crop.
- We adapt the customizable reading frequency (2 minutes to 24 hours).
- We apply data transmission without cables with Radio Frequency technology.

Our engineers are working on new projects that we will develop throughout 2020.

Hub/receptor en olivar
Wireless Sensor Receiver Hub, easy to install

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