Digitizing the water cycle with flowmeters will be mandatory by law

Starting next November 30, the call for submission of applications for a new help line to «digitize the water cycle with flowmeters« opens. With the collaboration of GRUPO LETREN S.L., specialist in"the complete management of the subsidy, in addition to providing suppliers for the installation and digitization of meters, and for the installation and maintenance of humidity and the website«.

Type of subsidy that we can request to “digitize the water cycle with flowmeters”

«Among the eligible expenses we find some of mandatory nature such as the digitalization of DPH channel meters, and others optional such as the installation of meters of any diameter and their digitalization, installation of humidity probes, application and website, etc It is important to know that the subsidy covers 100% of the amount of the project«.

Plantae offers you:

16-20mm Flowmeter and Main Pipe Flowmeter

Flow meters to control irrigation in the hose or dripper (16-20mm) or in the irrigation sectors (arches). The sensor is fully compatible with any irrigation system. It fits any type of pipe and is quick and easy to install.

For sector flow, the possibility of purchasing the complete equipment (flowmeter + data sending probe) or “digitizing” the already installed flowmeter if it has a pulse counter is offered. (+ Info).


  • Electronic processing and web portal.
  • Cadastral parcel identification and irrigation network.
  • Monitoring the volume of water with a sector flowmeter.
  • Measuring soil water content with probes.
  • Monitoring of returns to surface channels.
  • Control of leachate to groundwater.
  • Remote control and energy improvement.

Contact our team at plantaeagro, for any advice on obtaining aid and digitizing your community or farm.

Contact email: info@plantae.garden

Digitize the water cycle with flowmeters
Digitize the water cycle with flowmeters

Digitize the water cycle

In collaboration with Letren Consulting: Consulting specialized in advising and processing subsidies to individuals, self-employed workers and companies.


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