DEMOCITRUS 2024, innovation and sustainability for citrus crops

The facilities of the IFAPA LAS TORRES center in Seville will host the first edition of DEMOCITRUS 2024, on January 31. The event is organized by IFAPA in collaboration with Agromillora under the motto "Optimizing the profitability of citrus crops." Plantae will have a stand with technicians who will report on our technology.

DEMOCITRUS 2024, innovation and sustainability for citrus crops
DEMOCITRUS 2024, innovation and sustainability for citrus crops-Plantae Stand

DEMOCITRUS 2024 objectives

  • The fundamental thing is to focus the information on the innovation and sustainability of citrus cultivation.
  • Create networking opportunities.
  • Create commercial stands that offer your products related to the sector.
  • Present the latest technological innovations adapted to the sector.
  • The management of intensive crops, which increase their irrigation and mineral demands due to the density of the plantations.

Democitrus 2024 activities with round tables

  • The European Green Pact: a change in the productive paradigm.
  • Situation of citrus farming: Consumption, threats, opportunities, and future challenges.
  • Technological innovation: New production models and new technologies in response to the economic and environmental sustainability needs of the sector.
  • Innovation in varietals: Added value to the citrus grower and innovation for the consumer.

In addition, field demonstration and visit to stands:

  • Nurseries and companies of protected plant varieties.
  • Soil, plant cover and agrotextile maintenance.
  • Spraying and applications, drones.
  • Service companies.
  • Technology, robotics and sensorization.
  • Fertilizers and phytosanitary products.

In this event there are no personalized invitations per company so all interested parties must register individually on the official website:

Exhibiting companies


Plantae Optimizes the profitability of citrus crops

Our sensor and probe company could not be missing from this first edition of DEMOCITRUS 2024, to provide farmers with experience in these crops and the advantages of quality and production with the optimization of resources and sustainability of the entire phenological process.

Our Plantae technicians will explain the operation of the humidity, soil temperature, conductivity, flowmeter, anemometer and rain gauge sensors.

You can obtain more information in our articles on citrus fruits such as the cases of Plantae success in citrus cultivation.




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