Datagri, digital transformation in the agri-food sector

Once again, Plantae at an important innovation fair, Datagri, that wants to promote digital transformation in the agri-food sector .

Given the importance of Datagri, the TVE Agroesfera program echoes this fair, commenting on the importance of bringing new technologies to agriculture and livestock. Our stand appears at minute 5.40.

Agroesfera recognizes the importance of digitizing the field.

We include the program in which we can observe at the inauguration of this forum for the promotion of Digital Transformation in the Agrifood Sector, the presence of the Acting Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and other authorities such as the President of the Government of Aragon.

The digital transformation of the countryside is a reality as we can see in the various trade fairs agri-food that we have throughout the national territory.

Programa de Datagri

Plantae at Datagri

Plantae will be present at Datagri on November 14 and 15 in Zaragoza with an information stand, especially on Farming Day. Zaragoza is already a benchmark with FIMA, but this year it has been selected for the celebration of Datagri as a focus of attention in the agricultural and livestock sector.

Our company meets the objective of this fair that according to the organization:

  • "The digitization of agriculture must serve to reduce production costs and make a more optimal and efficient use of all resources."
  • "All this to move towards a sustainable model of agriculture that contributes to conserving the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change, while feeding a growing world population."

According to the general secretary of UAGA-COAG Aragón, José María Alcubierre. 

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As we have been talking about in several articles on the Blog, Plantae is at the forefront in the design, development and sale of wireless sensors for humidity, conductivity and temperature in soil, adaptable to all types of terrain and irrigated agricultural crops, both extensive and intensive, woody. and horticultural.

We seek with this event several objectives:

  • Transfer the Plantae concept and its technology to the participants at the event.
  • Talk about the advantages of the Plantae system in saving water and increasing production.
  • Demonstrate that the technology is accessible to any farmer in price, knowledge of data and use of sensors.
  • Search for new distributors in Aragon.

All with a new concept of precision agriculture.

Empresas colaboradoras de Datagri

Plantae's collaboration with Conapa-Agricultura 4.0

Another project that we present at Datagri is our close collaboration with the company Conapa, an agricultural consultancy specializing in new technologies, a leader in High Resolution Aerial and Terrestrial Remote Sensing.

It also manages strategic development projects in the Agrotech field, with a 360º vision in search of sustainability, optimizing agricultural production and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our collaboration with Conapa makes the project that we present to the farmer much more precise in terms of:

  • Study of the terrain.
  • The placement of sensors at strategic points.
  • Measurement of salinity in the soil.

All this means that the farmer can have specific information to manage the humidity of his crop and the quality. We also avoid the accumulation of salts and the hydric stress of the crops.

Datagri, digital transformation in the agri-food sector
Datagri, digital transformation in the agri-food sector
Conferencia en Datagri

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