Plantae adapts to every crop type

Plantae has installed in all kinds of fields and it adjusts to each of the different crop needs. Furthermore, the technology is calibrated according to soil type, making each installation unique and more effective. Discover how Plantae can help you optmize resources in your crops.

Crop Types

We manage every type of installation!
  • We attend your needs
  • Personalised approach
  • Agronomic supervision
  • Satellite image study
  • Soil analysis
  • Quick installation
  • Regular maintenance
  • Installation expansion
  • Online data

During the last growing campaigns Plantae has installed their technology in multiple crops and varieties.


According to soil type, drip type, irrigation strategies and optimisation management.


Spain, Portugal and new destinations: Algeria, India, France, Mexico...



Since the validation of technology in 2017, a progressive growth has taken place across the Iberian Peninsula with over 25 provinces, 300 clients and more than 6000 installed sensors. In 2019 begun the expansion towards the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Portugal and Algeria, with new test prototypes in countries such as Peru, Mexico, Philippines or Australia. During 2020 we've been expanding our distribution net in the national and carrying out proof of concept trials in new countries.

Why Plantae?

Plantae is a Spanish company engaged with the optimization of resources and increase of productivity. The team makes sure that each installation is adjusted to the client's needs and in this way accompany him towards their goals achievements.