Plantae has been using satellite image technology provided by Copernicus European satellites for over a year. With it, agronomical assessments have been carried out, defined and planned sensor installations and studies of water and vegetative behavior on farms through the indices NDVI y NDWI, entre otros parámetros.

Copernicus Accelerator es una plataforma que ofrece soporte y asesoramiento a empresas innovadoras para ayudarlas a mejorar sus soluciones y tecnologías. 

To this end, it has created an ecosystem of experts that evaluate the requests of companies interested in having their launch and advisory services, checking their quality and relevance.

Plantae tiene el honor de ser seleccionada por Copernicus Accelerator, participando en la inauguración del programa el 2 y 4 de diciembre en Helsinki (Finlandia).

Plantae objectives with the Copernicus Accelerator program

Plantae will be tutored and advised for 12 months by specialized mentors in image satellite , machine learning and IoT.

Our company has passed several selection processes to become part of this program, positioning itself as one of the next candidates to enter the Copernicus Incubator 2020 program (winners only 6 companies of 150 at European level and where Plantae is already in 8th place in the ranking ).

Plantae already uses its own IoT-based communication protocols for the interaction of its devices and satellite image to optimize and plan its facilities, but our growth and international projection makes it necessary to automate certain processes in order to meet current demand.

Copernicus Accelerator-Inteligencia artificial-Agricultura de precisión
Artificial Intelligence-Precision Agriculture

Objectives of Copernicus Accelerator

Introducir todas estas tecnologías por medio de los expertos y mentores dedicados a ofrecer su apoyo a la nueva generación de innovadores intrépidos de Europa y con ellos, a Plantae.

La forma de hacer esto es mediante dos bootcamps (cursos intensivos), al inicio y final del proyecto y conexiones mensuales en línea para:

  • Automatically obtain satellite image data on the Plantae platform.
  • Improve reading frequency and level of detail.
  • To aspire to other European projects related to precision agriculture.

El evento arrancó en la semana espacial europea, evento que reunión a empresas, políticos y expertos en las aplicaciones espaciales. Allí se debatió información sobre distintos programas como Copernicus y Galileo, problemáticas de startups europeas, nuevas tecnologías y enfoques relacionados con una Europa sostenible.

Plantae seleccionada por Copernicus

Meritxell Gimeno, CEO of Draco Systems (mentor of Plantae at the Copernicus Accelerator) and Samuel López, CEO of Plantae, in Helsinki.

Presentation of the Copernicus Acelerator program by Martina Sindelar of the European Commission


What do these technologies consist of?

  • Machine Learning or machine learning is a scientific discipline within the scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that consists of training our system so that it is able to learn to solve complex problems based on certain input data, It will help us customize the cultivation techniques, production optimization, pest or anomaly detection, etc. thanks to the data received in real time.
esquema de machine learning con Copernicus Accelerator
Machine learning scheme

Simply put, Machine Learning will help us move from being reactive to being proactive in some aspects of counseling. For this, an aid such as Copernicus Accelerator is needed to project your experience in our project.

  • Big Data is the data set, whose variability and growth speed make it difficult to store and process it later. Understanding how these data can help us make more accurate predictions (relying on Machine Learning algorithms) will be Plantae's big challenge over the coming months.

The Big Data analysis, such as CMR, helps to:

  • The reduction of costs.
  • It favors decision making.
  • Measure customer needs and favor their satisfaction.

Esquema de CRM según Copérnicus Accelerator

  • IoT or internet of things ( Internet of Things) is the basis of communication between different Plantae devices. The investment in R&D has allowed us to reduce the exchange of data between devices in a very considerable way. Now, n our intention with the Copernicus program is to increase even more the security in the exchange of the same without adding latency in our system, since for us the real time is the most important in the decision making.