Conferencia en el Foro de Emprendimiento Sostenible

Our Engineer Manuel Heras from the Plantae team has the honor of being one of the speakers at the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Forum at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, aimed at foresters.

The TreeNNova team wants to spread the word about Sustainable Entrepreneurship Forum including activities parallel to COP25 United Nations Conference on Climate Change of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and considers that our business model is viable and a challenge to help improve Climate Change in the 21st century.

Objetivos del Foro de Emprendimiento Sostenible

UPM is committed to the future of the planet. Likewise, the Madrid College of Forest Engineers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, both collaborators of the event.

From November 28 to December 13, different presentations are organized that can be seen at this link (+info)

On December 4, the President of Crue (Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities), Mr. José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, will read a Manifesto of Universities in the face of the challenge of Climate Change. Once read, it is planned to present examples of relevant scientific, social and transfer contributions from university researchers:

  • Day dedicated to the bioeconomy and innovation.
  • Blockchain for wood.
  • Drones and reforestation.
  • Smart cultivation by Plantae.
  • Wood is in fashion.
  • Is it possible to make wooden furniture without cutting down trees?
  • Revolution in cattle.
  • Wool, the fabric for winter.
  • Urban and wild fauna.

Plantae en el Foro de Emprendimiento Sostenible

Smart water and energy saving is the motto of our company. Plantae technology is aimed at controlling the quality and quantity of the product with the optimization of humidity, subsoil temperature and salinity.

Both factors are basic in the control of climate change and this has been understood by the organizers of the event.

Our conference is directed to the forestry field in which we have extensive experience.

Our humidity sensors control fruit trees, olive trees, almond trees, pistachios, especially in intensive and super-intensive crops, we also have the project to test holm oaks.

Importance of holm oaks in climate change

Holm oaks constitute a true ecosystem of the Iberian Peninsula.

With the dehesas it is regulated:

  • The water cycle.
  • Soil fertility.
  • Biodiversity is favored.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed.

Controlling its development and preventing it from suffering water stress with controlled irrigation is a challenge to keep the meadows of our peninsula healthy.

Controlled irrigation in the oak
Sustainable entrepreneurship forum with the conference on controlled irrigation in holm oaks, Evaporation.

Oak characteristics

  • Cup shape that produces a lot of shade and prevents evaporation from the soil in times of drought.
  • Hoja perenne y dura, con un especie de cera que evita la transpiración.
  • It has stomata on the underside of the leaf (small holes where it breathes and removes H2O) and that prevents water loss in hot weather.
  • You can close the stomata for a few hours a day, thus avoiding water loss and photosynthesizing in the warmest hours. If the heat is extreme, these spores may close too long if they do not have controlled watering and the holm oak dries up.

All this makes it adapt very well to temperatures but like all plants it suffers stress if they are very high and durable. Our experiments in holm oak plantations are based on this stress control.

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