New Moisture Sensors - Production Begins at Madritonic

After the test and testing period, the production of the new Plantae humidity sensors in pistachio and olive fields, we spend many hours improving technology and correcting HUB and sensor engineering errors.

We highlight in the probes:

Sensors / soil moisture probe

  • Own food.
  • Measurement at different depths customizable depending on the crop.
  • Wireless data transmission with Radio Frequency technology.
  • Certificate.


Receiver / Concentrator

  • Own power with solar panel or 220v.
  • Very easy to install and adapt to any farm.
  • Sending information in real time with GPRS technology.
  • CE certificate.

Now is the time to apply all those changes and put into production the next 100 sensors that will be installed in the tester clients of Plantae .

Plantae target with humidity sensors / probes

If the farmer can measure the subsurface moisture, he can adjust:

  • Irrigation cycles.
  • The amount of water that is suitable in each phenological state.
  • Irrigation frequency and duration.
  • Provide the crop with the water it needs within the Easily Assimilable Water (AFA) zone.

Plantae's probes are customizable in depth (up to 1 m) and reading frequency (from 2 minutes up to 1 hour per reading. The probes can be installed on the soil surface or be buried, according to the client's preferences and irrigation characteristics.

In addition, the probes are configured with agronomic algorithms depending on the type of soil in which they are installed and its conductivity level.

The probe´s case has an IP65 certification, water and chemical resistant, which allow the stations to be perfectly compatible with irrigation cycles and plant protection products.

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