Collaboration with IMIDRA-Tests with sensors (probes)

IMIDRA is a Autonomous Organization, which has several headquarters and farms experimental throughout the Community of Madrid. </strong

(Madrid Institute for Rural, Agrarian and Food Research and Development ).


In this case, and thanks to the contacts of the El Chaparrillo center in Ciudad Real, we have started the collaboration in the experimental farm La Isla, in Arganda del Rey, where for years its agronomists have been experimenting with vine, pistachio and other crops.

  • Within one of its experimental pistachio farms organized by zones according to the intensity of irrigation we have installed humidity sensors / probes together with their manual probes to study the measurements based on the different irrigations.
  • In addition, we will soon carry out new technological tests with different probes and measurement systems that we will bring to the market in 2018.
  • The results of the experiments that we carry out in collaboration with IMIDRA are very important for our subsurface measurement project.
  • With this project we intend to reach farmers, of all crops and on all types of land.
  • The probes reach different depths and this allows them to adapt to all the root systems of the different plants.
  • The measurements will allow the farmer to reduce the cost of water and at the same time give him what the crop needs at each moment of its phenological state.

We thank the Plantae team for their attention and hospitality!

First installation of sensors (probes) with our partner Conapa
First installation of sensors (probes) with our partner Conapa
Sensores experimentales en el Imidra
Walnut moisture sensors after storm measuring 70cm deep.

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