Citrus irrigation with probes in Murcia and Córdoba

Expanding our clients throughout southern Spain, specifically in Murcia , This month we installed humidity sensors / probes in citrus irrigation .

The first one, of which we attach images, is a lemon grove located south of Murcia, in which we have installed humidity sensors measuring 40cm and 60cm deep.

Second, and days later, we approached Lora del Río (Córdoba) to install more than 16 sensors in an orange farm that seeks maximum production with the least expenditure of water and energy resources.

Technified irrigation in citrus

Irrigation in citrus fruit needs to be technified with humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors / probes, that favor its entire phenological state. If the tree suffers water stress, it damages its flowering and fruit set.

The best is a technified drip irrigation with sensors / probes installed superficially or buried, depending on the interest of the farmer and the type of terrain.

By avoiding the water stress of the tree, the crop gains in quantity and quality because we give it the water it needs when it needs it.

Another important factor if you have a technified irrigation is to avoid Anthracnose, a disease of poorly fed trees or poor irrigation or subjected to excessive humidity.

Other problems can be the pests of mealybugs, aphids and mites, which are diminished in trees that have well-pruned branches, clean, aerated and with controlled irrigation.

That is why the placement of meters in the subsoil that regulate irrigation makes the plantation controlled in real time.

Other elements of controlled citrus irrigation

Flowmeter to measure the irrigation in the hose or dripper (16-20mm) or in the irrigation sectors (arches). The sensor is fully compatible with any irrigation system. It adjusts to any type of pipe and is quick and easy to install.

Receiver that receives the data obtained with the wireless sensors / probes and other weather devices, with a range of 700 meters, and in turn transfers them by GPRS to our web platform.

Real-time information thus keeping you connected at all times to your crops.

Scheme of the advantages of irrigation and salinity control

Irrigation scheme. 11-Humidity probe. 2-3-Conductivity probe. 4-Filtration of the subsoil. 5-Evaporation. 6-Perspiration. 7-Rain water. 8-Drip irrigation.

We observe in the diagram that with meters, citrus irrigation , in addition to controlling humidity, we control the conductivity that will indicate the accumulation of salts in the subsoil.

Measurement allows us to adjust the tree's needs and prevent it from suffering from nutrient absorption that is diminished by salinity, because the ground is compacted and the roots do not absorb water and nutrients.

Sensores en cítricos que puedes controlar con tu panel Plantae Online
Citrus moisture sensors that you can control with your Plantae Online panel
Citrus with humidity sensors / probes
Citrus with humidity sensors / probes



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