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Next May 12 2022, we are going to hold a technical conference on “SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES IN CITRUS FRUITS: IRRIGATION OPTIMIZATION” at the IFAPA Center The Towers, Seville.

What is IAPA?

It is a research center with a sector dedicated to agribusiness and that seeks:

  • Quality and food safety.
  • Control of the entire process of the agri-food chain.
  • Conservation and packaging technology research.
  • Improve the quality of products for the good of health.
  • Analysis of agrarian systems.
  • Promote rural development and commercial structures.

Specifically on citrus fruits, the research center has carried out studies on:

Irrigation optimization
Irrigation optimization

Promote optimized irrigation to favor the quantity and quality of the fruit.

Increase their competitiveness in the face of the current and future challenges they must face, many of them imposed by European regulations, changes in demand and market requirements, globalization and climate change.

Study of plant material (varieties and patterns), in the improvement of cultivation techniques, cost optimization and prevention measures against the threat of emerging pests and diseases.

Provide professionals in the sector with a series of knowledge and skills in the context of citrus farming that complement and/or renew their face-to-face training, as a way to improve management on their farms.


Technical seminar on irrigation optimization

Within the technological research sector, a technical seminar on irrigation optimization will be held, especially applied to citrus fruits.

Our CEO Samuel López participates in the conference together with other technicians, with the aim of:

  • First, to present the different sustainable irrigation strategies and techniques for citrus.
  • Also make available to farmers and technicians all the information regarding digitization in crop irrigation and fertilization.
  • The use of black mesh padding in the planting line, as a sustainable technique that helps optimize irrigation. This technique prevents evaporation and weed formation.
  • On the part of Plantae, explain the operation of the humidity sensors, soil temperature, conductivity, flow meter and rain gauge.

Once the exhibition is over, it will go to the field to show the different irrigation optimization equipment so that the participants can see how it works and complete the information.

Jornadas para optimización del riego
Seminars for irrigation optimization-Program

Sensors and probes in citrus Plantae

Our experience in citrus is endorsed by the numerous facilities we have with clients in Andalusia, Murcia and the Valencian Community.

Citrus trees favor drip irrigation, the formation of the wet bulb in the root environment, favors the absorption of nutrients while avoiding evaporation.

Citrus has some special characteristics that make optimization of irrigation a priority:

  • The frequency of irrigation is very important, more abundant in times of great heat, but always regulated.
  • The type of soil and its retention should be analyzed. A sandy soil is not the same as loam or clay. The wet bulb produced by drip irrigation varies considerably.
  • Control the climate, especially when there is a risk of frost. The outdoor temperature sensor can help us control sudden changes in temperature.
  • It is essential to avoid excess moisture. Waterlogging causes the leaves to turn yellow and the citrus is in danger.
  • Avoid water stress with controlled irrigation, which seriously harms production.
  • Finally, measure the electrical conductivity to avoid the accumulation of salts. They influence root health and the good absorption of the nutrients that the plant needs.
  • These characteristics increase in intensive crops. Irrigation control is essential because water needs are greater in a smaller amount of soil per plant.

Problems of poor or poorly controlled irrigation in citrus

When irrigation is not what the plant needs and it suffers water stress, several problems can arise:

  • During flowering, the alteration in water absorption causes it to lose flower buds.
  • The setting of the fruit is altered due to not receiving the nutrients correctly.
  • In fruit growth, water stress influences acidity, color and size.
  • With the probes we can know the depth of the wet bulb and thus adjust the dripping to the needs of the plant.
  • The greater the control of humidity, the less accumulation of salts and the better absorption of the root system of the plant.

And most importantly, the fruit quality wins and we get more quantity.

The farmer saves water and energy.

According to measurements of our clients, it is possible to save 40% of water and considerably increase production.




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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital