Today urban gardens are in fashion and Plantae starts the irrigation controlled by sensors one of Horts del Pla in the province of Girona.
Nuestros sensores de humedad se adaptan a todo tipo de instalaciones. Así lo comprueba el jardín botánico de Barcelona que usa nuestra tecnología para diversos tipos de plantas.
“Humidity sensors in a greenhouse in Madrid with a gerbera flower (Gerbera jamenos), an ornamental plant for cut flowers and gardens.
We are excited about a new project. Sensors at the Carlos III University of Madrid that is committed to smart water saving.
Install sensors in Green and points of the streets (at 50m, 100m and 150m). This new advance has been made possible by LoRa technology.
Altea Club de Golf has been the first golf course to rely on our Plantae technology. Saving water and optimal irrigation.
The Barcelona City Council shared with us this summer its problems with the youngest trees planted throughout the city. Thanks to our sensors, they will be able to monitor the humidity of the land in real time and assess whether the irrigation is adequate for each type of tree.