Dado el clima mediterráneo y cálido, la agricultura de Argelia tiene cada vez más riego controlado por sondas, tanto los cultivos tradicionales como los intensivos y los invernaderos.
El próximo 12 de mayo vamos a celebrar una jornada técnica sobre "PRÁCTICAS SOSTENIBLES EN CÍTRICOS: OPTIMIZACIÓN DEL RIEGO" en el IFAPA Centro Las Torres, Sevilla.
Agriculture in Morocco with better quality and more quantity controlled by humidity, temperature, conductivity and relative humidity probes. Saving water and energy.
Greenhouse agriculture in the Dominican Republic. Humidity and temperature sensors and probes to improve the quality of your crops
In our eagerness to expand our company, we reached out with our agricultural sensors in Italy to trellised vineyards and olive trees.
The controlled irrigation of bonsai results in water savings that we are going to try to develop with the contribution of Hatoen. Circular agriculture.
The irrigation with probes in herbaceous makes that the farmer achieve the best quality and more production with a control of the crop in real time
Probes and sensors in crops to control the humidity, temperature and salinity of the subsoil regardless of the type of terrain.
ARTICLE TFG “Study of the viability of the vine moisture sensor as an indicator of the water content in the soil and irrigation control”.
It is an honor to share the Plantae technology in a talk organized by Gesmontes on "humidity sensors for irrigation efficiency".