The purpose of the bioeconomy is to find a economic and sustainable model in the social and environmental sphere that anticipates the needs of the population in the short and long term.
We reached 10,000 sensors installed between the Peninsula and the islands thanks to our extensive network of distributors and Plantae customers. THANK YOU!
Including all the improvements of the previous version, the Plantae Manager Web changes its appearance and incorporates improvements to visualize the data of our new sensors and make the management of your crops easier.
The PLANTAE APP Manager is the necessary tool for the optimization and efficient management of irrigation.
Campoés distributor of humidity probes as our partner in the Murcia region, as well as advisor in fertilizers and phytosanitary products.
It is an honor to inform that ACTIVA PROYECTOS TECH, S.L. PLANTAE obtains the EIBT seal that endorses its innovative and technological talent.
On Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 4:00 p.m., Plantae offers an online course, totally free, to students and future graduates in the sector.