Jerte cherries and picotas constitute 45% of Spain's production. Probe-controlled irrigation influences quality and quantity.
PROBES in table grapes, one of the most widespread crops throughout the peninsula. Improves quality and quantity with controlled irrigation.
Cabbage is one of the most typical crops in the north of Spain. Today we will talk about kale or Kale, which is a variant of collard greens.
Blueberries in Spain are increasing their production more and more and are conquering the area
Los calçots son brotes de cebollas blancas dulces replantadas. Los hijuelos calzados dan lugar a su nombre. Control del riego, fundamental.
Plantae places sensors on a new crop, asparagus, a product grown in many areas and of which Spain is the fourth largest producing country in the world.
One of the latest crops that is interesting to farmers is the cork oak in Spain. The second country in production worldwide.
The agriculture of the province of Lleida stands out for its stone fruit and pears with the designation of origin "Peras de Lleida".
The pomegranate in Spain is one of the oldest trees, it adapts to lands that are not valid for other fruit trees. We are going to study in detail its cultivation and its irrigation controlled by Plantae sensors.
Plantae has already installed sensors in greenhouse watermelons. This time it is in outdoor cultivation.