Walnut in Spain with irrigation controlled by humidity and temperature sensors / probes. Varieties and care that favor its production.
The olive trees in Spain increasingly with wireless sensors / probes of humidity, conductivity and temperature in the irrigation of the olive tree.
The tiger nut is a herbaceous plant that produces an edible tuber. Its intensive plantations rely on probe-controlled irrigation.
The ecological and intensive avocado production system is better if it is controlled by agricultural humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors.
The intensive citrus fruits in the province of Almería rely on Plantae technology for their irrigation control.
The intensive stone fruit plantations in the province of Murcia rely on Plantae technology for their irrigation and salinity control.
The number of crops that recognize the effectiveness of our sensors is increasing and this time we come to CBD cannabis.
Jerte cherries and picotas constitute 45% of Spain's production. Probe-controlled irrigation influences quality and quantity.
PROBES in table grapes, one of the most widespread crops throughout the peninsula. Improves quality and quantity with controlled irrigation.
Cabbage is one of the most typical crops in the north of Spain. Today we will talk about kale or Kale, which is a variant of collard greens.