The atmosphere in the soil is of utmost importance for oxidation processes. Tillage and plant cover are essential.
Types of agricultural soils, composition, structure, porosity, retention capacity, permeability, salinity and atmosphere.
Plantae is selected among 10 companies out of 400 candidates for the EIT Food 2021 program with days of regenerative, sustainable and healthy agriculture.
Precision agriculture has the challenge of improving food quantity and quality, to avoid invisible hunger worldwide.
The challenge of precision agriculture and nutrition, including livestock, is to produce quality food worldwide.
Plantae is part of the Agrotech platform in the IoT and Big data section for precision agriculture with technology based on wireless sensors.
Control with hydroponic irrigation probes. We measure humidity, conductivity and temperature in real time controlled by mobile or tablet.
Outdoor temperature sensors and their effect on agriculture. Plantae advances in new technologies on crop phenology.
The best mechanized or pressurized irrigation is surface or buried drip irrigation, especially in intensive and super-intensive crops.