Plantae forma parte de la plataforma Agrotech en la sección de IoT y Big data para agricultura de precisión con tecnología basada en sensores inalámbricos.
Control with hydroponic irrigation probes. We measure humidity, conductivity and temperature in real time controlled by mobile or tablet.
Outdoor temperature sensors and their effect on agriculture. Plantae advances in new technologies on crop phenology.
The best mechanized or pressurized irrigation is surface or buried drip irrigation, especially in intensive and super-intensive crops.
This presentation by Plantae is focused on all agricultural graduates or future professionals interested in precision agriculture.
Sprinkler irrigation is a mechanized or pressurized irrigation method, since it requires mechanisms that generate pressure to move the water.
Furrow irrigation is a type of surface irrigation with the characteristic that the terrain is undulating, forming channels for water.
Irrigation is a topic that we deal with in several articles and today we begin the "Types of surface irrigation" with irrigation by laying or flooding.
The quality of agricultural irrigation water, parameters to take into account and pH influence the crops and the land. THE BEST probes / sensors.
Plantae will dedicate several articles to the irrigation system and its importance, the best irrigation design and the different types that are appropriate.