Success story Plantae in Professional Gardening

With Plantae tools you can save water and energy in Professional Gardening

Use of Plantae tools in Professional Gardening

Below we observe 2 cases of use of Plantae probes in professional gardening.

Jardinería Profesional
Humidity probe buried at 10 cm

In the first image we visualize the continuous evolution of humidity from a sensor buried at 10 cm, thanks to which we will be able to make irrigation decisions for a section of a golf course (green or fairway), soccer (shady area, sunny area), etc. This installation format is recommended to monitor areas of relatively homogeneous behavior in order to obtain data over a long period of time, which will help make the most efficient irrigation decisions.

Jardinería profesional-
Surface humidity probes at 10 cm

In the second image we see the other installation format. It is a probe on the surface, which will move or not in position, but which will be withdrawn when the grass is to be used for any event (match, race, amateur game...). This format will allow us to cover more localized areas that need measurement of humidity, conductivity or temperature in limited periods, but in which it is not possible to bury the probe for logistical reasons (puncture of the field, sewing of the grass…).

Investment of technology in Professional Gardening

Both clients invested in a Basic service, 1 hub and 2 soil moisture probes at 10cm measuring humidity, conductivity and temperature. Along with the experience of the first continuous probes, both were adding more reference points seeking to maintain optimal humidity but saving water and light.

Keys to a good crop in Professional Gardening

Given the complexity of caring for each of the areas, Plantae offers solutions for garden humidity control or sports field.

We can measure with strategically placed sensors, humidity, soil temperature and conductivity, offering the possibility of controlling each block of plants or sports area, depending on the amount of water required.

Irrigation controlled by probes means that the areas do not suffer from water stress and that all the needs of the sports area or garden can be known in real time.

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Jardinería profesional
Professional gardening. 1-Hub. 2-Sensor buried. 3-Sensor on surface.
4-Buried sensor graph




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