Plantae success story in tropical cultivation

With Plantae tools you can save water and energy in tropical cultivation.

Use of Plantae tools in tropical cultivation

Cultivo tropical
Soil moisture probes at 15cm (orange) and 30cm (red) and dropper flowmeters (purple)

This first graph is of the probes installed in a farmer with avocado in Malaga. The evolution of irrigation through the installation of probes at 15 and 30 cm and a dropper flowmeter, in which the farmer reduced irrigation by 40%, achieving the same goals of moistening the soil, and maintaining production at the end of the campaign.

Cultivo tropical
Tropical crop-Avocado-Moisture probes at 15cm (orange) and 30cm (red) depth

This second imagecorresponds to the following campaign, it shows the irrigation that began to be done after obtaining the savings data from the first graph and where it is verified that the new irrigation strategy keeps the soil moist in the horizons in which root activity is maximum for avocados.

This farmer (agronomist) reported to Plantae that thanks to the adjustment of the irrigation with the probes, he was able to "reduce the electricity bill by 20%, maintaining crop production and health".

Investment of technology in tropical cultivation

The client acquired the Basic service, 1 hub and 2 soil moisture probes at 20cm and 40cm respectively measuring humidity, conductivity and temperature and a flow meter. Installation and soil analysis included in the price. In the next campaign, the number of Plantae probes will be increased to each irrigation sector.

Keys to a good tropical crop

Tropical cultivation needs a lot of water and is sensitive to salinity. Both problems can be minimized with:

Tropical trees, such as avocados, need moisture but are sensitive to waterlogging because their root system tends to rot and catch fungus that hinders the development of the fruit.

Salinity is produced by the effect from evaporation and accumulate on the surface in the form of a crust. At the same time, they prevent the tropical crop from absorbing nutrients properly. The atmosphere of the soil is altered because the air enters with difficulty. The plant has less oxygen in its root environment.

Avocado is very sensitive to salinity. This is a problem that increases in intensive crops and we must prevent it from occurring.

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Avocado-Tropical crop.1-Sensors in adult avocado. 2-Sensors in tropical greenhouse. 3-Hub. 4-Graphic
Avocado-Tropical crop.1-Sensors in adult avocado. 2-Sensors in tropical greenhouse. 3-Hub. 4-Graphic




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