Plantae success story in olive cultivation

With Plantae tools you can save water and energy in the cultivation of the traditional, intensive and super-intensive olive grove.

Use of Plantae tools in olive cultivation

Cultivo del Olivar intensivo
Intensive olive grove cultivation with humidity probes at 20cm (blue), 40cm (black) and 60cm (green) depth, plus flow meter (purple).

The client in the first image has been able to reduce the duration of irrigation by 35%, and also regulates their cadence according to humidity by depth

(Shaded in green).

In the same way we see how we continue to record humidity once I decide to cut off irrigation.

Cultivo del Olivar superintensivo
Cultivation of the super-intensive olive grove with humidity probes at a depth of 20cm (blue), 40cm (black)

A client in the second image, who is going for the third campaign, using our tool and we see how it regulates soil moisture according to changes in the phenological states of the crop.

(Shaded in blue).

Does not saturate the soil, avoiding root suffocation.

Investment of technology in olive cultivation

Client 1: Installs Basic service, 1 hub and 3 humidity probes in the soil measuring humidity, conductivity and temperature, in addition to the flow meter. Installation and soil analysis included in the price.
Client 2: Basic Service, 1 hub and 2 soil moisture probes at 20cm and 40cm
respectively measuring humidity, conductivity and temperature. Installation and soil analysis included in the price. It also added another 4 irrigation sectors.

Keys to a good crop in the intensive and super intensive olive grove

  • Separate trees depending on whether they are intensive or super-intensive cultivation, so that the air can circulate and the sun reaches them well.
  • Ppruned correctly.
  • On the ground, a vegetable cover with weeds and pruning remains, better crushed, which serves as vegetable compost and at the same time preserves soil moisture.
  • Controlled irrigation with probes, so you don't suffer hydric stress.
  • Fungus control with optimal soil moisture.
  • Measure conductivity to avoid accumulation of salts. Accumulated salts prevent the root system from absorbing minerals properly.
  • Control the phenological phases of the crop with the weather station that It tells us about climate changes.
  • Control the flow with the «caudalimetro«, in addition to being able to detect irrigation breakdowns.

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Cultivation of the Olive Grove with Plantae technology-Success assured!. 1-Intensive olive grove. 2-Probes in olive grove. 3-Hub. 4-Graphic.




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