Plantae success story in citrus cultivation

With Plantae tools you can save water and energy in citrus cultivation

Use of Plantae tools in citrus cultivation

Here we show two examples of totally different needs. In the first graph, we have a first client that subjects the crop to water stress between flowering and fruit set, and in the second graph , a second client with a citrus company, who could not have a good size in the fruit.

Cultivo de cítricos
Humidity probes at 20cm (orange) and 40cm (black) deep

In the first case we see how the client has been able to force the stress both in time and in depth.

(Shaded in green).

In the same way, we can see how he has controlled the duration of the irrigation to manage to increase the humidity in his soil in the period in which the crop was generating the caliber of the fruit.

(Shaded in blue).

Cultivo de cítricos
Humidity probes at 20cm (blue), 40cm (black) and 60cm (green) deep

In the second example, the second client, we can affirm that the fruit did not achieve a size because the soil did not reach the ideal humidity.

(Orange shading).

We have a very nice overview of how the client has been modifying his irrigation as he has been guided by the tool Plantae.

Investment of technology in citrus cultivation

The first client opted for the Basic service: 1 hub and 2 humidity probes in the soil at 20cm and 40cm respectively, measuring humidity, conductivity and temperature. Installation and soil analysis included in the price. Renew the service the second year.

The second client opts for the Basic service of: 1 hub and 3 soil humidity probes measuring humidity, conductivity and temperature. Installation and soil analysis included in the price. The client also invested in 10 more probes, thus monitoring all its irrigation sectors.

Keys to a good citrus crop

Plantae's experience in citrus is endorsed by our clients in Andalusia, Murcia and the Valencian Community.

The best way to irrigate citrus crops is with drip irrigation , superficial or buried, the formation of the humid bulb in the environment of the root, favors the absorption of nutrients while avoiding evaporation.

Citrus needs to optimize irrigation:

  • Control of the irrigation frequency, regulated depending on the hot seasons. It is important to install a drip flowmeter.
  • It is important to analyze the type of soil and assess water retention. This influences the formation of the wet bulb.
  • It is very important to control the risk of frost with an outdoor temperature sensor from our Weather station.
  • Waterlogging does not favor it, the leaves turn yellow and the fruit is in danger, the New Moisture Sensors - Production Begins at Madritonic they make us control the water they need in real time.
  • Water stress severely affects production
  • Finally, measure the electrical conductivity to avoid the accumulation of salts that influence root health and the good absorption of the nutrients that the plant needs.

These characteristics are increased in intensive crops. Irrigation control is essential because water needs are greater in a smaller amount of soil per plant.

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Cultivos de cítricos
Cultivation of citrus controlled by Plantae. 1-Dripper flowmeter. 2-Humidity and conductivity sensors. 3-Hub and weather station. 4-Graphic




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