Avozilla, the giant avocado that you must control with sensors

Avozilla, the giant avocado that has received that name in honor of the "avocado" (avocado in English) and Godvilla (Japanese fictional character, huge dinosaur mutant).

Why avozil?

It seems unheard of to want a giant avocado, when sometimes we don't know how to store half a normal avocado. However, it is a reality that we already have avocado crops the size of a melon and that Miguel A. Lurueña, disseminator and doctor in Food Science and Technology, has baptized avozilla as a combination of two names.

It is not a genetic modification, it is the crossing of two varieties, one Guatemalan with more flavor and another West Indian sweeter.

Its weight is approximately one kilo or kilo and a half.

Avozilla properties

They are very similar to the properties of normal avocado. If we have to highlight a difference it would be smoothness.

It is highly recommended to replace saturated fats and therefore very beneficial for health.

Cultivation of this variety of avocado

Although it may seem strange, it is a crop that is already being implanted in our country. Specifically in Granada.

Its care is similar to normal avocado in terms of soil, sandy loam, tropical climate and much need for controlled irrigation.

The roots are shallow, therefore the soil should be somewhat sandy, if we water a lot the water is lost and if we water a little the avocado suffers water stress with damage to the fruit.

Water interferes with the formation of the precious avocado fat and therefore its control is very important. Soil moisture probes are essential for its control and the considerable saving of water and energy.

Sensors in avozilla control

Plantae has extensive experience in controlling the humidity and conductivity of all types of crops, including the cultivation of avocado, traditional and intensive.

  • Humidity sensors at different depths, 20 and 40 centimeters to have real-time information on the need for water at all times. With the control of the graphs we can adjust the irrigation times so that the avozilla has the water it needs.
  • Conductivity sensors that measure the possible accumulation of salts and with their control we prevent absorption from being lost by the root system.
  • Subsoil temperature control that assesses the state of the roots. It also indicates the ideal time to add fertilizers.

We can also measure the ambient temperature, the relative humidity and the thermal integral.

Nutritional properties according to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation

  • Saturated fats that help control bad cholesterol.
  • Contains vitamin E with high antioxidant power. It also has vitamins C and B6 that improve defenses.
  • Minerals such as potassium beneficial for the muscles and nervous system.
  • High fiber content.
  • Anti-inflammatory and satiating power.
Plantae-sensors / humidity probes
Plantae-sensors / humidity probes



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